My grievances are more valued than yours

Some morons associated with the Pink Chaddi campaign (well, I must admit that all of them are not morons, in fact some of them are real good people) are claiming (on the facebook group) that Muslim terrorism is the result of Hindutva. Of course, nothing new, we all have got bored with this idiotic claim by now.

If Muslim terrorism was a result of Hindutva, then I guess there are supporters of Veer Savarkar active in Israel, Pakistan, Indonesia, London, Madrid, New York, Chechnya, Xinjiang, and all other places bleeding profusely after being maimed by Muslim terrorists. That’s such an achievement for Veer Savarkar, who had targeted just India for acceptance of his ideology!

After the Mumbai terror attacks, one of the leading sickular ideologues Arundhati Roy had written in a British magazine, claiming that Mumbai attacks must not be seen in isolation and should be linked with Kashmir, Hindutva, Babri Mosque demolition, and general 'atrocities' on Muslims in India.

She got scot free after writing this article, but BJP leaders are chastised for claiming that there was local support for the terror attacks. Is not Arundhati hinting at a local/domestic involvement when she wrote this article?

The secular brigade argues that Muslims in India are persecuted and are ill-treated a lot (well, they surely have some genuine grievances and they have every right to speak about them), and one should look into their complaints when dealing with the issue of Islamic terrorism. They ask us to look at the root cause of terrorism.

Nice. Accepted. One must listen to people who claim they have some grievances, even if they are terrorists.

But who would listen to Hindus?

When some Hindu organizations were accused and people like Sadhvi Pragya arrested for terrorist activities, the same secular brigade bayed for her blood. No one cared to listen to her grievances. No trial, no analysis, only verdict – guilty, punish her. Why should the grievances of people like Sadhvi not be listened to?

Let the seculars also organize some seminar on persecution of Kashmiri pundits, just as they discuss with passion the problems of Palestinian Muslims.

Let the seculars also discuss and analyze the genocide of Hindus (how Hindu population dwindled alarmingly in Pakistan and Bangladesh) just as they claim Muslims are being massacred.

Let the seculars also listen to Hindu scholars when they try to explain what some of the misquoted shlokas mean just as they give platform to Mullahs to defend the verses of Quran.

I don’t know whether Sadhvi is innocent or guilty. But if the Islamic terrorism can inspire seculars to take a look at Mulsim grievances, Sadhvi’s case should inspire them to take a look at the Hindu grievances.



  2. Sajan,
    Why the heck you think she will send anything to Bishops? Her campaign was funded by churches , bishops and congress italian sonia party and you expect her to work against them? And her employer is getting funds from churches..

    Look at this video how Tehalka and Susan employer tarun tejpal's link with SIMI

    If she wants to do something good then first she should send pink chaddi to her self and to her employer

  3. Ok..first of all your perception is just as badly skewed as those you are supposedly against. To claim that these people are damaging hinduism is as ridiculous a proposition as claiming that hinduism is root cause of our problem. You are as big an extremist and ignoramus as the rest of them.

    The pink chaddi campaign was not executed properly and as usual was blown out of proportion, but its underlying principle was to propose civil rights and counter narrow mindedness, some thing you seem to have in abundance. And you conveniently omit incidences like the case of a pair of siblings being attacked on valentine's day by bajrang dal actvists...and yeah its not abt hinduism...its abt being able to do what is right and legal without moral policing...

    and you yourself claim that the ram sene is an organisation which uses hinduism for publcity and then you go on and show them in glowing light on your blog.

    finally...the problem with society is religion...not hinduism, christianity or islam...the problem is all of them, and as long we have a bunch of extremists like you flying the flag of religion we will never come out of the mire we are stuck in..

    and dont need to be abusive to prove a point...just because you might need to do so, dont assume it of others.

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  6. Nice. Accepted. One must listen to people who claim they have some grievances, even if they are terrorists.


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