Pink Chaddi clarification

The Pink Chaddi campaigners have clarified two issues on their blog –

  • They accept that putting the picture of RSS was not appropriate as RSS was not the only right wing organization in the country, and there were right wingers in other religions too.

  • They completely deny that there was any attempt to mock the Hindu scared sign of “Om”, while designing the Logo of the campaign. They even offered to change their Logo.

  • Although we still have various reservations on the whole campaign, we welcome these clarifications.


    1. Since we are all anxious to ensure that no disrespect to Hindu religious symbols takes place, I'm sure you're glad to know that, as according to the logo that seems to have offended so many here is actually inspired by an ice-cream ad and a Photoshop tutorial. Readers are encouraged to verify this themselves.

      Neither did the artist place pink underwear on the sacred Hindu sign OM and neither did we mock the OM.

      Moreover, in your third post on this blog, you welcome our clarifications.

      Since I am sure that all are agreed that defaming at religious symbol is a serious charge that no one would like to fling about in a frivolous manner, we would welcome it if the accusation that we desecrated the OM symbol be removed from your front page. As the images from the linked blog post show, no insult to Hinduism occurred or was meant.

    2. I challenge the Pink Chaddi bloggers to provide the base image used for the logo. The artist claimed it was a job done in a hurry. Then why is the text so amateurish while the background so detailed?

      I am dismayed by this blog for withdrawing the charge. If you want to be taken seriously, you must apply equal pressure. They throw around charges of anti-Muslim, anti-Pakistan etc. quite freely. Are you gonna chicken out? Then I suggest delete this blog and move on.

    3. See the point her is why was RSS dragged into it. In the interviews by your lady, didn't she indirectly blame the RSS? RSS workers wearing chaddis is be made fun of while what they are doing is protecting the Hindu religion in the country. It is incredible on RSS and BJP part to give a damn about the Pink Chaddis thing.

    4. This is hilarious. Not only have we denied replacing the OM with underwear, the artist has, in the post linked in my earlier comment, stated that it was a fresh image and that she used a (linked) Photoshop tutorial site to create the images. The linked images at clearly show that there was no replacement of an OM with underwear. Why make such a serious charge in such a frivolous manner?

    5. Why make such a serious charge in such a frivolous manner?

      Right. Pink frilly panties staring right at your face is supposed to be non-frivolous.

      If the charges are serious, why was the RSS logo (later withdrawn) used so casually?

      Still not convinced that the logo is not insulting to Hindu religion.

      The link above says: "There are all kinds of right-wing groups: Hindu, Muslim and Christian. "

      Yeah, sure. Only Hindu groups get mocked and get undergarments sent to them. You see a problem with that? Also, the statement implies that right-wing as such is bad. So what are you guys? Left wing? Communists?

    6. The serious charge is that of replacing an OM with underwear. That has been rebutted here and in the Consortium blog. Pictures with just the same rays have been displayed, with icecream advertisements in the centre. And yet Anonymous is unconvinced that the logo is not insulting to Hindu religion, all because it uses a vector sun (seriously, google images "vector sun" you'll find plenty of other "heinous anti-Hindu criminals")

      Insulting religious symbols is a serious charge with possible serious real life consequences, Aditya & Co. That you would retain the charge post all explanations shows the lengths to which you will go.

      If you are determined to be unconvinced, if you are determined not to see that we are not an anti-Hindu group, then there's nothing that anyone can do to convince you.

      Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya anyone?

    7. Let's start standing for something and not against something. Hinduism is Liberalism and doesn't support any hardliner thinking.

    8. And yet Anonymous is unconvinced that the logo is not insulting to Hindu religion, all because it uses a vector sun

      Because of the context. It is up to you to prove that you did not have a specific religion in mind. So far your consortium has done everything opposite - going by the interviews you people gave to media all over. Some of the past articles of the people do not help.

      It is not just this blog, many people believe that the basic agenda of the consortium is politico-religious.

      Like I said before, unless chauvinists of some other religions, politicians of some other hues get underwear - it will be hard to believe you people are genuine.

      About the logo - deep research needs to be done before we can exonerate the artist. We will be doing it.


    10. I couldnt understand pink condom guys are friends of sri ram sena or enemies of sri ram sena ? if they are friends then whoever talking about indian culture is distributing condoms to the ladies and all others . May be they have forgotten the real issue , and if they are enemies of sri ram sena why did they fart when they saw this campaign going far away and getting more popularity ?
      lol pinkcondom campaign people first be clear what you are . HOwever I doubt you are none other than those ravan sena person the only thing is that now you are in your aukat and you have put your old slogan far away hahahahahahh you have lost go and find some other way to come in front of us

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    12. It is up to you to prove that you did not have a specific religion in mind"

      Negative proof, the fallacy of appealing to lack of proof of the negative, is a logical fallacy of the following form:
      "X is true because there is no proof that X is false."

      Just as it is impossible for anyone to prove that you did not want to incite acts of violence when you accused people of various things, it is impossible to prove that an artist did not "have a specific religion in mind" when designing a particular set of posters.

      The Consortium has posted not just drawings of icecreams that are the inspiration for the work but also the very Photoshop tutorial that the artist used. We have posted google images links to "vector sun", which show the basic design of rays radiating out from a centre being used literally millions of publicity photographs and graphic designs. yet, You persist. You want to "examine the mind" of the artist under a microscope.

      Your blind aggression and your closemindedness do your cause no credit.

    13. hey if i found that insulting of om has been done,i promise i will join them and i will hang all those nude christian on cross like their god...BEWARE

    14. This is really easy to settle. Open Google Image search and search on the keywords "ray vector" or "vector sun".

      Just because you find an illustration of the OM superimposed on such a pattern does not make the pattern property of the Hindu culture. It's on the imperial Japanese flag and on the Tibetan independence flag as well.


    I know some of you would be abusive, because that's the only language you use for Hindus, but go on, we would not moderate