About Us

What is Pink Condom campaign?

This campaign has been started as a response to some self righteous and progressive people who started the Pink Chaddi campaign. Their chaddi campaign ends on Valentine’s Day of 2009, but this is just a beginning for us.

We are more democratic and transparent that the Pink Chaddi walas. We don’t claim inflated figures of support. There is a poll at the right hand corner of this page, which shows how many people support us, and how many don’t!

Why condoms?

Condoms are necessary to save yourself from AIDS and to lead a progressive and secular life. The Pink Chaddi walas claim themselves to be pubgoing, loose and forward - a condom will help them maintain being that.

Who are we?

We are the ordinary Hindus, who don’t bark on television channels to defend our faith, but we definitely get hurt when some people bark against our faith.

We know that not everything is right with Hindu society, and things needs to be improved upon. That’s the whole essence of Hindu Dharma or Sanatana Dharma – to constantly change and evolve. We don’t need self-righteous sickular (so-called seculars) to reform us.

Why are we anonymous?

Unlike Pink Chaddi walas, our intention is not to grab news headlines and appear on Indian and international television (what else do you think sending chaddis will achieve?). We are just trying to convey a message – you reap what you sow.

Why this opposition to Pink Chaddi campaign?

Because the campaign tried to unnecessarily implicate an assertive Hindu and RSS (they showed pictures of RSS members in a derogatory way) for Managolore pub attack incident. RSS and Hindus didn’t approve of Mangalore incident, still they were demonized, which was result of a mentality which is full of hatred towards Hinduism.

Do we support Sri Ram Sene?

Not at all for beating up women in Mangalore. We know nothing more about them to declare an overall support or opposition. They don’t really matter to us.

Do we support RSS?

Yes and No. We support RSS for their social work and for fighting sickulars. We support them because we hate Hindu haters like Christian Missionaries, Jehadi Muslims and Indian Communists. We don’t support them if they would want to subjugate ordinary Christians and Muslims.

How can join Pink Condom campaign?

Click on the poll on right hand corner and express your support (or opposition). You can also join us on orkut and facebook and promote the word, as media surely won't promote us as they did to Pink Chaddi walas.


  1. Awesome! Great Campaign! This campaign may not get media coverage like that stupid panty campaign!

    post these images too

    I am curious to know why Nisha is trying to support these ?

  2. i support this campaign and surely ask these sickular crapheads what size of latex do they need for their loose lifestyle.

  3. Awesome! Way to go! I'm all for you guys.

  4. Great Job

    very appreciable!

  5. IMO

    This Pink Chaddi Guys should be ashamed of what they are taking the nation too. How are they different from the Animals who go in for a Rave party (so called party, we all know whats the intention is).

  6. Sorry, I will be bit harsh here.

    Just want to understand have the guys and girls below ask their mothers and younger sisters to look in for a Pink Chaddi in their wardrobe and send them off?

    Nithin (9886081269)
    Divya (9845535406)
    Nisha ( 9811893733)
    Ratna (09899422513)

  7. I too support this campaign. Pink chaddi campaign gets so much publicity just because who ever is giving publicity is gaining from it. Instead of giving pink chaddi, I would like people doing campaign against Alchohol, against Bar serving alcohol, Couples kissing in public places, against smoking, girls wearing close to nothing in public places (ie Freedom of expression). But No, we would not see anything as such. Yeah also I would like to add I am an Indian muslim and I would like to comment that their is nothing called Jehadi Muslim. Its just Muslim (Meaning submission to the will of God). Also would have like if your caption read "Consortium of assertive and proud Indians who are sick of Indian sickulars conspiring to attribute every vice in the society to Hindustan"

  8. All the pink chaddis will be screwed by Jihadis, if not for our men like Sandeep Unnikrishnan whom these agents of the left consistently deride. Nisha Susan is also an agent of the vatican who wants to implant Christian festival on India. I want to ask all these secularists one question, "Show me one country of the world apart from Nepal which acknowledges Diwali. Show me one christian in the Western world who celebrates Diwali or any other Hindu festival. Shame on these new Christian converts for deriding their true faith which they renounced during the Goa Inquisition

  9. The pink chadhi campaigner are sick! I never thought any cultured woman will discuss panties openly, let alone courier them to some one! Seriously man, I always thought these "chaddhi" stuffs are for perverts, more disgusting is coverage in national media, we seriously need some ombudsman on media and activism.

  10. Thats what the Pink Chaddi walas have to prove:
    What happens after Valentine's Day?
    After Valentine's Day we should get some of our elected leaders to agree that beating up women is ummm... AGAINST INDIAN CULTURE.

    Would somebody tell me where the hell in Indian or even Western Culture we have a system of Girls publicising the undergarments (with due respect to Chaddi? Do these guys really want to prove a point? Why not send a Pink Rose to Ram Sena on valentines (Gandhigiri)? or the Pink Chaddi walas just wante to prove how bold the girls could get that they can take off the Chaddi from Skirts and send them as a Gift!

    Wow...what a Culture! Bravo!!
    I hope all the Girls who send Chaddi get them back delivered at home and the Parents receiev them back with lots of love.

  11. So you losers have come and opened a site of your own! Bravo!! We smell victory! Just shows how threatened you feel! I am a proud Hindu and more proud that I am not a pervert like your bunch! Jai Ram ji ki!

  12. this is what i read on pinkchaddi,
    "It does not matter if you are actually not a pub-goer or not even much of a drinker. Let us raise a toast (it can be juice) to Indian women."

    n i feel that their stand is not just to drink alcohol but stand against "bullying" by these guys.

    But i like your thoughts too if not on this campaign then at least your overall stand against Rene and RSS --> "We don’t support them if they would want to subjugate ordinary Christians and Muslims."

    Proud Indian or for that matter just a simple human

  13. Lol Manav, you perverts started a perverts topic like Women's Panties! You should ask a Pink Panty from your mother and sister! What a shame! Man, we all shit in the morning, but we dont shit in the roads, in the open everyone to see. I also drink, but not day time. Some things are done in bedrooms and toilet only dude! Doing them in public gaze does not make you forward, rather make you animal!

  14. God bless india............ u guys are no less than the perverts. dudes have some sense?? Is india just HINDU? who told u?

  15. Guys, I am a right winger and staunch BJP supporter (making this clear, becos I will be called sickular)

    Who started all this ?? The stupid Sri Ram Sena.
    Who are they to interfere with people's rights ? Everyone has rights in a democracy.
    It is my right to hang around with a gal if I want to.
    Even though sending pink chaddis is stupid and unwarranted, who is to be blamed for all this ??
    Undoubtedly the SRS.

    If the BJP govt doesnt take action against SRS goons, they will surely a lot of support among the youth.

    I hope those moral policing clowns get their asses kicked on Vday

  16. Awesome...way to go!!!

  17. Good effort keep it up...

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. hi
    wanted to ask you, what punishment you think sri ram sena talibani hindus be given.
    2nd is you say you follow hindu dharma.
    so hindu dharm teaches us 4 stages of life the first one is brmachary and last one is retirement sanasashram .
    what is the police of retirement in rss .
    what is the age of retirement and give powers rights to young generation in rss and bjp also.
    3rd is did you ever read constitution of india.
    it give us fundamental rights ,its right of people if they want they can go to pub, they can go to temple.
    4th why dont u oppose when female is killed in womb.
    why dont you suppot when our army men are treated badyly by politicians.
    why dont you oppose when you see dowary death.
    the list is endless.
    congratulations for starting this campaign
    good job, i will be mentioning about this on my blog also.
    we must oppose because this is direct attack by hindu tallibani on our constitution.
    attact on constittuion means attack on india.
    good job fully support your campign.
    excellent blog

  20. those supporting pink chaddi, ask your mom and sis too - i mean, they also must be wearing pink chaddis, whats wrong in asking for them

    this way, u dont have to buy from outside - just use the ones ur mommy and sister uses

  21. For Mr. Anshuman Mohanty

    Have you seen this link ? http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaushikbiswas/3102119546/

    Is this your Indian culture ? Is that woman in the picture your sister ? Have your forgotten those incidents ? Go and try discussing women's panties with your mother! What an forwardness!

  22. ansuman mohanty asking his mom for panty

    am- mom, I am supporting a campaign
    mom - what, beta?
    am - pink panty. aap ke paas hain?
    mom - maine pehana hain
    am - utarke de do. jaldi dena hain

  23. is it possoble to think of sending a letter to Home ministry... asking for a ban on theseactivists like the ban on SIMI?

  24. @illusionist

    India will never become Christian, you dirty agent of the Vatican

  25. Fantastic! This is a great way to show those pinko commies of the pinkchaddi campaign that not everyone who stands for freedom of women need to sell their souls to these hypocritic losers.


  27. Good stuff
    i why don't those women send panties to those mullas who critised Sania Mirza, to those moulvis who killed a poor guy for marrying a muslim women, the mians of Karnataka Forum for Dignity(KFD) who assaulted so many young mangalore boys for talking to muslim women. If they are really forward, do something for the country, to make it culturally proud, rather than degrading themselves and the entire women of India.

    This Mohanty is a communist, no wonder he only knows about Kamasutra in Hinduism and he doesn't even know that kamasutra is not for telling everyone to have sex on the street.

  28. @ansuman mohanty

    It's time for you to change your name to Andrew Maino. You are no Indian and your silly comments don't make any sense. If your hands are free for a minute, just use them to remove your tinted glasses and see the reality. No one here supports what the Ram Sene did. But for sick people like you to use that as a beating stick to hurt every innocent and docile Hindu and ascribe non-existant motives to only the Hindus is evil and despicable. In my view, YOU are the real representatives of Taliban.

  29. @illusionist

    You chose the perfect name you dunderheaded bozo. You are living in an illusion. Better wake up sooner than later instead of waiting for the doomsday judgement.

  30. Hi, I am a christian for 3rd generation. I totally approve this campaign. It is disgracing that a christian Nisha Susan is leading such shameful activities, bringing disgrace to entire community. We are not westerners and we are proud of our history, unlike you stupid Nisha.

  31. No, sorry to dissapoint your self-flagellating mind, I do not use abusive language towards Hindus. Or anybody for that matter. Look at the language being used here -
    "..try discussing women's panties with your mother!"
    "..get your sister's panties!"
    I thought Indian culture taught you to respect ALL mothers and sisters, not just your own?
    If this is the best the right-wing can come up with, we liberals are going to have a cakewalk. Yeah, yeah, I know I have a Christian name. So what?

  32. Anonymous said...
    those supporting pink chaddi, ask your mom and sis too - i mean, they also must be wearing pink chaddis, whats wrong in asking for them

    this way, u dont have to buy from outside - just use the ones ur mommy and sister uses

    FEBRUARY 11, 2009 1:12 AM

    For the above Anonymous..who cant declare his name because he does not know who is father is..

    For this fucking sick campaign where we never no who is running it..because those people dont have the dicks to wear condoms..and dont have the balls to publish their names..

    go got a life ...dont be obsessed with your moms and sis..

  33. Neo behenchod bhadwa hai, the author of this blog is right when he/she says - I know some of u wud be abusive, coz that's the only language u use for Hindus

  34. Neo,

    is ur mom contributing her panty?

  35. For Rajiv!
    So, you find the lines
    "..try discussing women's panties with your mother!"
    "..get your sister's panties!" Offensive ?
    amazing! But thats what you perverts are doing ? Discussing panties, pink panties ! Making Logos, in a picture gallery that is posted by "Book Slut" !

    No wonder SRS guys got so mad at your people that they beat you in a pub!

  36. @Rajiv D'silva

    I'm sorry but don't delude yourself. You don't have a christian name, it's only pretending to be christian. Rajiv is still a hindu name and I suppose it betrays your hypocrisy when you still cling on to your indian sounding name with an indian culture to boot. Bah.

    And yes, you are a self-appointed rep of the liberals. I consider myself liberal, but would never make the mistake of lumping everyone into the same category like you just did. Not all right-wingers use abusive language and not all of them get fooled by the siculkar mainstream media.

  37. Nimesh..
    i appreciate the fact that you had the guts to put your name..and not a eunuch like the anonymous above..
    am a Hindu...and this pinkchaddi campaign is not against hindus..it is against those who think women dont have any right to live...

    and yes..am a behenchod...i fuck Anonymous's (FEBRUARY 11, 2009 1:51 AM)sister .

  38. Neo, sorry to use a sear workd, but tell me, pink chaadi guys had put up photos of RSS (when RSS had clearly told that they opposed such things) and these guys have been going on in media saying they won't allow 'saffronisation' of India. saffron stands for Hindusim, then how come these pinkchaddi walas not against Hinduism?

  39. @CC
    I'm not "pretending" to be anything. I'm just using the name my parents gave me when I was born, I don't see how thats "clinging" to my "Indian-sounding" name. At least I'm proud enough of it to use it here, "CC".
    :)You, a liberal, CC? Then what do you have against women going to pubs? Or do you want to look up that word in the dictionary again?

  40. Great going guys. This is an apt reply to the Pink chaddi campaigners and their supporters.

    Sandeep. UK

  41. Neo,

    I just want to know one thing...

  42. Join us guys !

  43. Found it very amusing that the author(s) of this blog decided to keep anonymous compared to the women on the other campaign. Hmmmm, I wonder who wears the chaddis and who wears the bangles?

  44. @Rajiv D'Silva,

    Oh great one with the holier than thou attitude. Let me re-iterate for your benefit what I meant when I said I was a liberal, because you didn't seem to understand. That means I am for women's rights, and women's freedom to do what they please. I also don't believe in paiting everyone with the same brush like you just did. i.e. don't assume that just because you have a christian name, people who might be right-wingers might abuse you. Everything and everyone is not always either black or white. I'm an Indian and I don't see the need to be afraid of everyone with a Hindu name and brand everyone with a Hindu name as a "communal" person. Understand?

    (probably not... sigh)

  45. **********

    What I completely fail to understand is .. why only "picking up a subject like Chaddi" to go against what has happened? Isin't that a thorough foolishness and an act of shame?

    I fail to understand if the youth doesn't have power to raise the Voice by rather electing the right leaders than to go for a sheer acts like Girls sending "Chaddi" as a token of anger.

    I completely agree that what happened was really bad but the message behind the act has to be decoded properly. Drinks, Pubs, Booze and Babes etc could have been a part of Indian culture not, but hey! do we have anything better then asking Girls to look in Wardrobe for their Pink Chaddi?

  46. why the f r pinkchaddi campaigners defaming rss here...and wht exactly is their motive???...pinkchaddi ppl r just attention seekers and idiots...i doubt they r completely anti-hindu...

    the below is taken from the bbc interview given by nisha susan

    "A spokeswoman for the group, Nisha Susan, told the BBC it was giving chaddis (Hindi colloquial for underwear) as they alluded to a prominent Hindu right-wing group whose khaki-shorts-wearing cadres were often derisively called "chaddi wallahs" (chaddi wearers). "

    and how dare she openly says about rss here..

  47. Anyway, It's late and I need to sleep, so I'm off. All the best to all you 'anonymous' guys. You seriously need to relax and take a chill pill. Nobody in the pinkchaddi campaign has "blamed every vice in society on Hinduism." And Hinduism has survived worse atrocities than 3000 pink panties arriving at the doorstep of a middle-aged bachelor trying to set up a political career. Far be it for me to suggest what you should do now, but my gut feeling tells me that should you guys call it a day and go to sleep now (those of you on India time anyway) Hinduism will still be as strong and vibrant as it ever was when you wake up in the morning. And it will still be long after we all go into the Big Sleep, and there's no way you, me, Muthalik or a million pink panties can change that!

  48. Nisha Susan

    I wish you read this one

    I have seen the Khakhi -Shorts-Wearing guys marching on the road but havent seen Pink-Chaddi-Wearing Loose and Forward women marching on the Road. Do we get a chance to see this may be on 14th? I promise I will arrange for Drinks and Juices for all of you.

    Also after your campaign, do you plan to put up a sale of Pink Chaddis collected? Please do it! I mean afterall you guys require some fund to open more Bars and Pubs near the Junior Schools!!!!

  49. Rajiv D"silva

    I just realised you name sounds similar to "Nisha Susam"

    I mean someone above raised an eyebrow about the name itself :-)

  50. @BD,

    both the chaddi and the bangles are worn by Nisha Susan rani. Just go over to that blog and try posting a dissenting comment. raniji will delete it no matter how politely it's worded. That's the kind of treatment you deserve, not the freedom accorded to you here by "anonymous" bloggers who don't feel insecure and threatened by every dissenting voice.

    btw, why is wearing bangles supposed to be demeaning? I hope the feminists take up that issue with you.

  51. Especially those "loose" gals who promote that campaign are gonna need these condoms on 14th.

  52. still does not explain why the authors and commentators on this blog are anonymous. But that's all right, the reason is pretty obvious :)

  53. Sudha Kumawat - Seva MandirFebruary 11, 2009 at 3:00 AM

    I would have whole heatedly supported campaign run by Tehelka if
    1. there was no sick idea like a Pink Chadi involed.

    2. It was against the people who oppose women from attending schools or may be the people who support female foeticides.

    making Pubs and Drinks a point to fight is a shameful act. We have better issues to deal with at priority.

  54. @ Ankit,
    How remarkably perceptive of you to notice! Yes, the names "Rajiv D'Silva" and "Nisha Susan" are similar in a way. They are both attempts by Christian parents to give their children Indian names, something a lot of Christians do in this country. 33 years ago (in my case, I don't know how old Nisha is) that was something that could be done without anybody "raising an eyebrow."

  55. BD said...

    still does not explain why the authors and commentators on this blog are anonymous. But that's all right, the reason is pretty obvious :)





  56. @ Rajiv,
    DO u know why Indian Government made Gujarat a dry state ?

    Have you heard about the name Mahatma Gandhi ?

    Alcohol is injurious to health, period. You people ( sickular) are enraged because some Hindu outfit had tried to stop some women as well as men from drinking in day time!

    Why don't u campaign to stop all those anti-alcohol government agencies ?

  57. The most saddening part is that most of this frivolous 20 somethings who have done nothing other than catering to their own material needs has suddenly found a frivolous region to protest.

    Once this thing ends, they will go back to where they came from, and give a damn to thousands of other issues that the country faces today. Most of them wont even come out to vote.

    More than womens liberation and all that crap (if they were really protesting against the fact that nobody else can decide our lives and that women should have equal rights, they would have gone to support lakhs of girls in villages who are forced to sit at home and stopped from going to school. Wil they do that? NO, because it does not suit their selfish interests.

  58. Please tell your friends about this campaign, let's make it a success. the sickulars are telling their friends to 'report abuse' this blog and to click 'no' in the poll. let's defeat them.

  59. most of those internet savvy people are the very people who are supporting the pink chaddi campaign - 20 somethings who have led useless lives. so they are trying their best to abort this blog, the voice of concerned Indians

  60. so you guys think you're the saviours of 'indian culture' ?
    I would so like to see you show up to work in dhotis, not sit on a chair, not eat bread (leavened bread isn't indian...nether is a samosa by the way!)speak 20 sentences in a grammatically correct manner in hindi or sanskrit or your mother-tongue - to learn classical music or dance or literature or craft or something that truly is a component of this vibrant tapestry that we call our culture...instead it is all about what women must and mustn't do....

    You've totally missed the point everywhere!
    You don't understand culture, society, religion, humanity or democracy...

    I'm glad you know about condoms...and I hope you know how to use them...we certainly need less people with your DNA!!

  61. Hey why only Chaddi? if you need to earn and claim the respect as a women in Indian society why not a pink Sari?

    ummm, probably it costs more then a Chaddi but hey you high society girls I have heard that your designer Pink Chaddi is costlier than poormen's one 3 months salary. Please spare them for the purpose they are meant to be and think of a better idea.

    by the way this Pub culture has generated some very good 15 years old Drunkards who can beat the Dads. Great going, I wish you could look at families which have been spoilt because of this Alcohol.

  62. Mr. Anonymous,
    Yes, the name Mahatma Gandhi does ring a bell, FYI. Wasn't he the modern-day saint who was gunned down by people trying to do what Mr. Muthalik and his ilk are doing now - establish a mirror image of Pakistan in India?
    And the simple reason why I don't "campaign to stop all those anti-alcohol government agencies" is that I have never heard of them beating up alcohol-drinkers in broad daylight and then bragging about it. I don't give a rat's arse whether somebody drinks alcohol or not. If people are deemed old enough by law to decide the future of this country, to marry and have children, hell, they can decide whether they want to drink or not.

  63. Mirror,
    You are the great example of Sickular.

    1. You believe in getting drunk day time. Are you drunk now too ?

    2. You talk women panties in public forum.

    3. You can not think of any other way protest other than using Womens Panties.

    4. You oppose RSS and oppose people who try to prevent you from getting drunk.

    5. You support opening pubs in schools to make them forward.

    6. You support making Indian women loose character.

    7. You oppose Narendra Modi. You think whole of Gujarati people are stupid.

  64. mirror,

    I guess you have missed the point.

    This is not a fight between cultures rather its an issue about how poorly the anger against the shameful incident of Manglore is being replied back by sending the Chaddi? hey come on, are we talking any culture here?

    Does someone from Pink Chaddi campaign has courage to ask Pratibha Patil, Sonia gandhi, Menka gandhi, Girja Vyas, Sheela Dixit etc to donate Chaddi as well in order to support the cause?

    No culture fights here :-)

  65. Mr. Rajiv,
    Why ban alcohol in Gujarat ? I think Mahatma Gandhi dared to drink, so some SRS kind of guy killed him!
    Wow! Drinking broadlight ? Like those women in Patiala did ? You may not care about those drunk women, some people like us do care and try to stop them.

    Once people old enough to decide whatever they want drink or not! Why only drink ? Why can not he decide to shit on the street ? Why not let him drink and get drunk and let the whole colony hear his obscene shouting ? Have you heard about some discipline ? Laws ?

  66. I just found this to be the best comment, "proud to be anonymous". hehehehe, absolutely brilliant, thank you.

    On that note, I bid you good luck with your campaign, heheheh, very amusing.

  67. Rajiv,

    if men and women in this country have enough guts to understand when to drink and what to drink, I am sure it would have been a super power by now.

    Talking about marriage,
    why in India we have gay marriages not acceptable? aren't we capable enough to understand what it means?

    I wish I could start a campaign against the people who don't support Gay/lesbian Marriages by sending a pair of Panties.

  68. @ mirror

    Again, what a prophetic name. If you have one handy, look in a mirror yourself before writing rubbish

    >so you guys think you're the saviours of 'indian culture' ?

    Er, who are you quoting? Yourself? I don't see the authors of this blog make that claim. You are just assuming that about anyone who has the guts to recognize b.s. when they see it and call out the pseudo-seculars who only see and hear about crimes when they are committed by hindus.

    >I would so like to see you show up to work in dhotis, not sit on a chair, not eat bread (leavened bread isn't indian...nether is a samosa by the way!)speak 20 sentences in a grammatically correct manner in hindi or sanskrit or your mother-tongue - to learn classical music or dance or literature or craft or something that truly is a component of this vibrant tapestry that we call our culture...instead it is all about what women must and mustn't do....

    You have veered off so far into extreme delusion that no one can bring you back. According to you one should either sing Bhajans all day or loiter in the pubs all day. If they don't sing bhajans and wear dhoti kurta, how dare they cast aspersions on the people spreading lies. And if they don't loiter in the pubs all day and all night, then how can they be free and liberal?! You are so monumentally stupid, that I'm afraid you can never understand what balance means, leading the middle path. The path where you tolerate every culture and value freedom.

    >You've totally missed the point everywhere!
    >You don't understand culture, society, religion, humanity or democracy...

    And do you? In your own definition which extreme swing of the pendulum do you align with?

    >I'm glad you know about condoms...and I hope you know how to use them...we certainly need less people with your DNA!!

    Using your own logic, shall I assume that you intend to never use condoms and outbreed everyone in this forum and singlehandedly contribute to India overtaking China's population in the next few years?

  69. BD,

    yes "anonymous"
    see atleast its heard!

    try posting a comment at Pink Chaddi with your real name I bet you will be censored unless you support them.

    Best of Luck to India actually!

  70. The fact that you have taken it upon your strong shoulders to bear the burden of running the society in a state which incidently is BJP run actually speaks volumes about the trust you have in the governance & policing of the party you seem to support. The same party that has distanced itself from your fanatical doings. 40 men against 5 women....I'm left speechless by your bravery

  71. The following are considered vices in all the religions, stealing, lying, killing, alcohol consumption, gambling.

    i dont know what kind of sick people would encourage the pub bharo. From when did the consumption of alcohol, that too by women became a culture.

    Look at the media and secular politician who are making a big issue out of it, after 26/11 i think this is the major issue out.

    I wonder where the Media and secular parties are heading.

  72. Dear Pink-Condom-Bloggers - I appreciate your non-violent protest of the Pink Chaddi campaign and as members of a free society you have every right to contest what someone else says as long as it does not impinge on their civil liberties. Already, you are far ahead than the SRS (and RSS and their ilk) who resort to violence to impose their viewpoints.
    However, what you must understand is that the Pink Chaddi campaign is not out there to promote "loose" values but really to protest against the (violent) moral policing of SRS. They have nothing against people who don't want to drink alcohol, not visit pubs, not kiss in public, not hold hands while walking, don't want to celebrate Valentine's Day etc. All they want to say is that the same way that no one forces these people to do these things, they should also be allowed to do drink alcohol, visit pubs, kiss in public, hold hands while walking and celebrate Valentine's Day without threat to their dignity.
    Really, you guys need to understand what you are protesting against (just to reiterate, I appreciate your mode of protest).
    Oh and Happy Valentine's Day (in advance). Spread the love.

  73. Can anyone post nisha, shalini pics without panties? I want to see them how do they look without panties showing their pink pussies

  74. Why the hell they are still wearing pink panties?


  75. the stereotyping on both sides is horrible.

    not all "pub going women" are sluts
    not all Indians who oppose Alcohol as it leads to violence and domestic abuse are evil.

    atleast these campaigns are peaceful

  76. @ Gururaj
    Yes, that's the only silver lining...at least they are 'peaceful' and let's hope they remain so

  77. Mangala Devi Dasi aka Michelle ThorntonFebruary 11, 2009 at 8:49 AM

    I'm here to break the stereotypes.

    I am not Indian or Hindu by birth. I pracitice a type of dharmic religion which has it's roots in India.

    I do not drink alcohol or go to pubs, BY CHOICE.

    However, I support the pink chaddi wallas because they have a sense of humor which is very much needed amongst Indian people who consider themselves religious upholders of dharma.

    (I also support you pink condom wallas. India is second in the world with AIDS and it is overpopulated. Indians need to use more condoms and pink is an erotic color, is it strawberry flavored as well?)

    The pink chaddi wallas want to HAVE FUN with this, they want to laugh at the Sri Rama Sena and laugh at themselves as well. They are showing that one can protest in a peaceful and playful way.

    They are also making a feminist statement by sending in an intimate piece of womens' clothing - underwear.

    I think the whole thing is brilliant and humorous.

    You see, even though I do not pub, club, party, rave or drink, I do not see what they women in that pub where doing wrongly.

    Were they breaking any laws?

    What is the legal age of pub entry in Mangalore? Where those women below that age?

    If not, what is the problem? I still don't understand what the big deal is.

    Obviously alcohol and pubs are legal in India, except for in a few dry areas, so what took place that was illegal? This is my question.

    I've also seen alot of criticism that the women were dressed indecently or "half nude".

    If you watch the videos they are all fully clothed!

    I am not Indian but I have lived in India for a long time studying my particular dharmic sect and I know that there are of course many people that do not drink or go to pubs, however, it is LEGAL to do so if they should choose, so I am confused as to why exactly the Sri Rama Sena were disturbed by these women doing something legal???

    Like I said, I do not drink or pub or party BY CHOICE. However, if I grew up in a culture where I was FORCED by MEN to NOT do all that, I might be an alcoholic by now!!! LOL.

    Our parents guide us when we are children but once we become adults we have to make our own decisions.

    As a teenager a drank a few times and went to a few pubs/clubs mainly to hear live music. Nothing bad ever happened to me and neither did I become bad by going. In fact now, because of the freedom I had as a youngster, I have chosen to lead a drug and alcohol free life now.

    But again, I emphasize it is my FREE CHOICE.

    Morals and ethics cannot be forced upon people, if it is, that will not make them moral or ethical, only miserable and angry.

    Anyway, I support both you pink rubber dudes and you pink chaddi chicks.

    I think both groups should send their pink products to the Sri Rama Sena and to each other.

    Who knows.... with Valentine's Day coming up, maybe all this sending of pink stuff here and there will result in some love and romance.

    Krishna is the Prem-Avatar, afterall.

    Hare Krishna!
    Hare Rama!

    Mangala devi dasi

  78. How about shipping the condoms directly from Moodsplanet.com to these politicians.

  79. he heee fuck yourself dudes !!!!!! what would you achieve .. if i go to pub .. i go ..... i will fuck your sisters there and ur gods will be just sitting and drinking "som ras" watching the apsaras sance :)

  80. 'Consortium of assertive and proud Hindus who are sick of Indian sickulars conspiring to attribute every vice in the society to Hinduism'.

    I think this organisation got the intention of indian 'sickulars' wrongs. The 'sickulars', including me, attribute a large number of vices, not to Hinduism, which is a brilliant concept, but rather to the Hindu ACTIVISTS who purport to speak on our behalf.

    Organisers of the blog, maybe you could consider giving this a thought, if you deem it worth your mindspace.

  81. "I know some of you would be abusive, because that's the only language you use for Hindus, but go on, we would not moderate"

    ROFL...as if Hindutvadis are some angels...just visit some pro-Sangh sites to see the angelic sanghis at their abusive best.

  82. What about those semi nude patiala women drunk ? with that shitty pink chadddhi campaign, are not you supporting those women ? do want to see women n semi nude in broad daylight after they get drunk ?

    I completely support this Pink Condom Campaign and oppose those stupid Pink Chaddi Campaign which support drunk women in broad daylight.

  83. I support your campaign..... The very fact that any dissident posting in the pinkchaddiblog is being removed, proves that their intention is not honest.........
    All the English media in India is funded by missionaries........ I was educated in a Christian missionary school who's moto was service in this guise obtained free land from gullible Hindus and charged the highest School fees in the city, while providing concessions to Christian students, and no such for similarly disadvantaged hindus, if they did provide, it came with a condition of conversions..which the Nepali Hindu watchman is going through in my school, and how the sisters summon him from time to time and engage him in a talk of conversions.. These bastard missionaries teach Hindus Secularism, and culture... Shit on your faces...

  84. As a foreigner in India I have seen so many drunken Rajus acting like fools in public that seeing one or two drunk women would be no big deal to me.

    Seeing those pictures I also wondered if some village Rinku or Raju perhaps slipped some "date rape" drug into those womens' drinks. If so, good think a lady police officer got ahold of them instead of some male police officer who would have raped them.

    Drunkeness, whether it be in men or women, is not appealing, and can be dangerous.

    Therefore Indians need to learn to drink responsibly.

    One can go to a pub and order a drink or two and chill with friends to unwind after a day at work or college without getting drunk.

    In fact, if you watch the videos from the pub, all the women were doing was sitting and talking. I don't understand what the big deal is.

    Can someone please explain?

  85. Our government provides funds to so called minorities and then grown up they are becoming threats for the culture which exist here over era.

  86. 500 dirty Bras will be sent to Union Minister of Women, Renuka Choudhury and its radical feminist friends on 14th Feburary by Save Indian Family Foundation(SIFF) for their “Family Breaking” and anti-national activities.

    These radical feminists are accused of legal terrorism by promoting misuse of dowry laws and arresting/jailing more than 1,23,000 women without investigation in last 4 years.

    They are also accused of denial of freedom of any mother to communicate with her son once her gets married.

  87. Very good initiative. Sick vatican agents like Nisha susan is trying all the tricks to defame indian women..

    Good job

  88. Media's double games.: A message posted in rediff
    Right from Arushi case to church attacks we have seen many instances where media has overstepped ...

    (1).Many girls are brutally mudered in AP , for last six months...one Muslim girl ,Ayesha been raped and murdered ..and the grand son of Cong minister is accused ..media has ignored it.

    (2).Sister Abhaya -- media kept quite

    (3).Scarlet - murder/Drugs/rape -- media silent

    (4).Delhi MBA girl gang rape and Jounalist murder ..media again silent

    (5).Kashmir many girls are forced to marry terrorists at Gun point -- media silent

    (6).UP ulema banned girls from co-ed schools , central govt is funding them -- media silent

    (7).Taslima Nasreen beaten from Delhi to Hyd --media silent

    (8).Terror camps in kerala -- media silent

    (9).150 RSS/BJP men killed in Kannur dt of Kerala - media silent

    (10).150 Talaq-hapless women are beaten - media silent

    and many, many and many more ....

    Managlore incident or any incident in BJP states media will discuss it days and days together with columns and petitions...

    Nobody is really getting carried away with media freedom and all such hypocrisies...

    --> In AP media has divided btw, Cong and TDP
    --> In Tamil, btw DMK and AIDMK
    --> In WB, funded by commies

    Right from IBN-CNN, NDTV to TOI there are many reports that these electronic,print,web media been funded by vested interests of regional/religion/caste/business etc...

  89. "These women deserve a condom"

    Sadashivn, every woman in India deserves lakhs of condoms. For goodness sake, India is number 2 in the world for AIDS and it's population exceeds 1 billion. We need condoms!

    That's why I support the pink condom campaign and it should go on throughout the year, not just now. And every Indian citizen above the age of 18 should get one.

    Have you all seen this?



  90. Renuka want all guys of youth should learn how to use the condom , that is the reason she says do not trust men trust condom.
    promotion of worng think can't give the freedom to any one.
    There is a difference of animale society and humand society and wcd minsiter should know that.
    Sending pink chaddi is a nonsense by those people who promote the multiple sex parters, drgus in pub.
    Renukafirst teach them to use the pink condom first.

  91. Reading through most of the campaign, everything seems alright and in-order except when you come to this.

    "We support RSS for their social work and for fighting sickulars. We support them because we hate Hindu haters like Christian Missionaries, Jehadi Muslims and Indian Communists"

    That above sentence just completely shatters anyone's faith in your campaign. You support Ram Sena? That means, you support moral policing?

    Dudes, I'm a Hindu as well. But please don't tell me what I can do and what I can't do. Hindu society is being corrupted, you say? Pray, tell me, which society is not being corrupted? And by the way, what is Hindu society, anyway? India is a secular (oh, sorry, sickular) country. Thus, it must have a secular society right? Or maybe I'm just saying something completely wrong!

    There is no Hindu society, Muslim society, Christian society - atleast in India. It's a free society. No religious rules, customs will and shall NOT be imposed on us, nor of any Hindu customs or others. Religion is a ideal of the mind - keep it there in your mind, don't take it out in society.

    And for God's sake, stop supporting the Ram Sena for just about anything they do!!

  92. Is Our Minister Ms. Renuka An Agent of "Condom" Producers By Literary India . Must read to understand why renuka always support the worng doing by women.
    Now our Minister Ms. Renuka's recent comment in IBN7 , to stop the AIDS , women should purchase the "Condom" and force their men/Husbands to use it and do not trust your men, is the basic necessity for Indian family women like Roti/Kapra/Makhan.

    As I was associated with Rubber industry, would like to share some information. In India the Rubber prices(RSS4) are less by 15 to 20% compared to International price and the maximum Profit among the all rubber product is comes from "Condom".

    One gm Rubber Price: Rs.0.08 and one "Condom" price for good quality is in the range of Rs.4 to Rs5, that is 50 times.

    Where as the other product like Tyres,Tubes, rubber thread and all other Rubber related product the same is hardly 2.5 to 3 times.

    Hence the promotion of "Condom" sell by those so called multinationals and corporate Business Houses, want each and every house should use the condom for sex and as the sell of Condom will increase, a portion of the same will go to those ministers or Politicians, and my dear do not call Ms. Renuka as a mentally seek personality, she is the "heroin" of those "Condom" Producer's Selling Agent or Marketing CEO.

    So the recent comment of Ms. Renuka was not at all surprise as she want to help those multinationals, Corporate Houses and definitely she is not mentally seek, she had played her card very smartly and fooled the whole nation, which seems she had done several time and collected a Lot of Fund from all over the world to Promote the Legal terrorism and multiple Sex partner in India.
    And be ready for her next Weapen to throw out the men form thier office , so called "Sexuall Harresement Bill" , instead of Our demand of a Gender equall "Office harresement Bill".

    This wonder us, at what society our minister live? Is she live in a Brothel?
    The main cause of AIDS is multiple Sex partner and to stop that the main focus will be to stick with a single partner Sex like Husband and wife.

    But it seems the idea of single partner sex is not acceptable to our minister Ms. Ranuka.

  93. Fuck off...u guys are damn cheap.....

  94. Mangala Hindu ConvertFebruary 11, 2009 at 11:17 AM

    A reader,


    Of course the best way to prevent AIDS is to only have sex with one partner. However, can you be sure that your husband/wife is only having sex with you?

    If you are a poor, illiterate woman married to an Indian truck driver who spends most of his time on the road, can you be 100% sure that he is not having sex with prostitutes when he is travelling?


    Therefore, to safeguard oneself, whether male or female, condoms should be used.

    What to speak of AIDS, even if a couple has ony had sex with each other, once they have 2 children, then hum do hamare do, they need to use condoms in order to curb India's population growth.

    Condoms can only help, not hurt a person.

    Why are you against their use?

    Hare Krishna

  95. U guys better let ur mothers and sisters get beaten not for going pub but for being educated.....that will be the next step...

  96. No doubt pubs represent the so called "loose" lifestyle. But what India stands for, as a democracy is the right to choose. Each individual is afforded that right by our constitution and that's why we are able to debate these issues on blogs and through other forms of media. So the RHS is completely free, along with all the conservative folk here, to rebel against the pink chaddi campaign and the pub-going culture, but what they cannot do is physically assault people for making choices that differ from theirs. That is completely unacceptable and I cannot understand how so many people seem to be oblivious to the fact that girls were beaten up in the process of this protest. Is that part of our Indian culture? Beating up women? Somebody has a differing opinion from your own so physically assault them until they submit? I certainly hope not.

    And the pink chaddi campaign's title is a sarcastic response to Muthalik's characterization.

  97. "In fact, if you watch the videos from the pub, all the women were doing was sitting and talking" ---

    You are only seeing video , ha ha

  98. The main cause of AIDS is multiple Sex partner and to stop that the main focus will be to stick with a single partner Sex like Husband and wife. and PUB is a perfect palce to promote the same and that is the reson all devoted women support the dirty pubs , whcih is nothing but a typical " Deshi Dharu ka thekha".

  99. Hello,
    Whats your stand on valentines day.
    A very interesting poll is going on here about valentines day. Every one caste your vote there.
    vote for freedom

  100. You have my full support.... kudos on such tongue-in-cheek retort campaign..

  101. Anonymous,

    You wrote:
    "U guys better let ur mothers and sisters get beaten not for going pub but for being educated.....that will be the next step..."

    Renuka Choudhury, has already done worse. She has sent more than 1,23,000 mothers and sisters to jail without evidence of investigation.

    Today, Feminazis deny:

    1) A mother the freedom to meet her son, after his marriage.

    2) They deny a child the freedom to meet his/her father if there is a marital problem.

    3) They police morals that: a man must throw away his widowed mother and unmarried sister from home after his marriage.

    4) They have brainwashed the urban people with lies and false stories.

  102. The owners just proved Darwin's theory of evolution that man came from the apes.
    The other problem is - you guys are an indication that we need to improve the quality control at our latex factories. We let to many slip through the cracks.

  103. Santu, I only saw the video because I was not there.

    Everyone is crying, "the women were half nude".

    The women in the video being attacked were fully clothed. Every single one of them was dressed conservatively.

    Maybe we have differing standards on what "half nude" means?

    To me, jeans and a t-shirt is not half nude. A skirt and a t-shirt is not half nude.

    Swarup, how do you feel about husbands and wives who go to pubs or restaurants where beer and wine is served TOGETHER? How do you feel about couples who go on dates to pubs or clubs in order to chill out, relax, listen to music and dance?

    Did you know that many happily married couples with children today actually first met in a pub?

    I'm sorry, but I don't understand what is so horrible about a pub. Can someone clue me in?

    I went to pubs and bars in my youth, mostly to listen to live music with my friends, and I didn't see any sort of horrible behaviour taking place.

    Does it bother you that women are going to these pubs to relax with their friends over a drink or two?

    Would you prefer drinking to be limited to male only bars? Or are you against every Indian drinking, whether young or old, male or female, wine, beer, or homemade desi arrack?

    Like I already said, I am not a drinker or pub goer, but I don't really see a problem in it as long as the people who do it are of legal age and they don't get drunk and start beating people up like the Sri Rama Sena do.

    As far as Valentine's Day, it is a captitalist, commercialized hype, but if it brings happiness to some people for a day, so what?

    For people that cry "westernization" or "globalization", they can create a Bharatiya Kamadeva Day or Kama Sutra Day or Pyar Day or something like that.

    Human beings love being in love. We love romance. That will never change. It does not have to be commercialized but it does need to be given expression somehow.

    As a non-Indian Hindu convert I am SHOCKED that the religion I converted into is represented in the media by represssed, unhappy, frustrated, angry people who portray Hinduism as anti-sex, anti-female, anti-romance, anti-fun, anti-love and anti-life.

    This is not what I signed up for when I went to India and converted to Hinduism.

    I am pro-love, pro-life, pro-fun and pro-happiness.

    I say we take Hinduism back and let people know that we are the promoters of Kama Sutra and Tantric Sex, provided they are approached in a healthy and conscious way between people who are honest with each other.

  104. Do you know how many men every day beaten by women activist for drinking? That termed as social service.The mangalore pub was not having a lincence and so it was illegal and when some one prostest that they had been termed as women beater, where as the fight was started by the pubowners and those women and thier firneds first attacked the people protesting.The pub owner is a pwoer full persona nd have strong illegal business , hence to save gurd his own illegal business made such activity as a false and fabricated way.
    Now, come to delhi and go to any pub in GK-1, form where the jurnalist leading the Pink chaddi campain , you will get your own answers.
    The pub owners are spronsored those girls.
    Regarding PUB, i do not have any problem or want to say any thnk. But there is a restrictions for smooth operation and you can't demand a police man for your security to go to pub.
    In the pub it is writtnen belwo 25 years drink will not be served , but go and see even 16 years girls boys are openly getting drink.
    I am against illegal business by people.
    I am against renuk as the beating people for drinking is started by her gange only and when we protest , she says it is scoial service.
    Now, those jurnalsit , first see the movie " Showbizz" to get the trp they can do any think and there is no punihsment.
    I oppose such activity pink chaddi campin and definetely they need a pink condom to save others.
    We can demand waht we feel right can do , but the same not possible and not advicable in human society, in human society there is some restrictions and self disclipin .
    If some one do not follow , well, but they have no right to sprade the aids to others and drugs to others.
    At the end the animale society is under way, you enjoy it , but ready to pay the price also.

  105. There is tow approch for any probelm. One is preventive measures and another is break down measures.
    Unfortunately we always go for break down measures , instead of preventive measures. Those run the illegal business and earn the money in dishonest way , use thier power to twsit the matter in thier own favour for vote bank politics , which renuka does.
    As a WCD minsiters , she had not done any think for women well fare , done any think for women who do not have a piece of cloth to save their body( you can see in all red light) , but get 7200 crors ruppes to save gurd the women who do the adultrity , dot he illegal business and balckmaill others and do the extortion of money and unfortuantely maximum pub in this country is the shelter for them.
    If any one protest or ask to stop such illegal pubs , they will be termed as women beater, where as every day 1000 times more men beaten every day at pub , but the same is social service as per wcd minister...!!!!

  106. You chaps are a complete hoax. You are not Indians. You are morons whose idea of a woman is so warped and so strangulated that you would prefer them doing Sati when you die.

    You dim-witted imbeciles have not even flinched when those girls were brutally beaten by champions of goondagiri. If you have women in your ranks they must be your slaves or willing Devdasis.

    All those comments made above in your support are doctored jobs by your own frustrated tribe. You showed your true colours by this pink condom campaign as a desperate measure to save face. But in doing so , such a disgraceful campaign is what shows your true colours. You shout from the rooftops about Inidan culture and then brandish your sex appeal on hapless women. You and your tribe are the members of the endless hypocrites who are out to dismember India. we dont need taliban when you are here.

    You will see how the communal parties in the country will get a sound thrashing this time from the youth of this country. Then you can hide your whole body with your tribe in a big condom.

    If you still have any grace left, join the Pink Chaddi campaign. Your mother , your sister, her friend and any respectable woman will be proud of you.

    Else wear your pink condom.That will make you a man. A wretched man who thinks of women in relation to only sex but beats his chest about morality, morality morality.

    Your place honestly is in the gutter. And your punishment shold be to find the gutter yourself.

  107. Swarup, I think what you may not be understanding is that the pink chaddi wallas are saying, "f*ck you" to Muthalik and the Sri Rama Sena. They are giving their middle finger to them and to men who think like them.

    That is the point.

    To be irrevererent in a culture where young people and especially women are expected to be reverent, respectful and humble before older men who are seen as their "superiors".

    These women, by virtue of sending dirty underwear to this man, are telling him, "no, you are not superior to us. No, we do not have to obey you. No, we do not respect you or your disgusting views and behaviour".

    In other words they are telling Muthalik to "f*ck off".

    It's revolution. What do you expect?

    It's about time women started doing this India.

    For me, I don't like pubs so I don't go there. End of story.

    Perhaps if these young women and men were allowed to drink a glass of wine at home with their dinner or while watching Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, then they wouldn't feel the need to go to a pub.

    If a pub is operating illegally, that is NOT the fault of customers. The Sri Rama Sena could have reported the pub owners to the government. Under no circumstances should customers have been harrassed. It is not their fault if the pub is acting illegally. They probably didn't even know.

    But I have a question.

    If a person goes to a pub and orders a beer, what proof can they give of their age? Most people in India that I know do not have a driver's license or any other type of I.D. such as a passport to prove their age.

    So please tell me, how can any pub customer prove their age in India????

  108. I support anybody who is against Hindu haters like Christian Missionaries, Jehadi Muslims and Indian Communists and media..

  109. Mangala,

    Do you agree that Feminism in an angry anti-male movement which advocates discrimination of men and boys?

    How often did you oppose anti-male propaganda in media?

    We have nothing against pub going women.

    We will oppose the young girls being brainwashed by westernised bra burning feminazis.

    Lets not even talk about equality here.

    A million innocent Indian men are jailed in last 4 years, due to the activities of feminazis.

    As you seem to be follower of Krishna, let me explain you that:

    You will see more and more opposition to Feminazis, who have broken every possible Dharma in the world.

    Girija Vyas of National Commission for Women says,"adulterous women are victims, where as adulterous men are criminals".

    Hinduism is neither anti-woman not anti-sex.

    If people picturise India as anti-woman, then they will get it that way. They have shown india as a country of "bride burners" using hoaxes.

    Do you think, we will forget the criminal activities of Feminazis?

    These Feminazis are worse than the Jehhadi terrorists. They have brainwashed women that all men are criminals and they must hate men.

    They have gone to colleges and hostels to brainwash young girls with false statistics and false stories of violence against women.

  110. I myself am a feminist, Swarup.

    I don't know what you mean by feminazi.

    I am not against men. I LOVE MEN.

    I love romance, I love love, I love healthy sexuality. For all of that I need men, because I am a heterosexual.

    So you have feminism all wrong if you think feminists are anti-male.

    Anyway, I am still curious about this;

    If a person goes to a pub and orders a beer, what proof can they give of their age? Most people in India that I know do not have a driver's license or any other type of I.D. such as a passport to prove their age.

    So please tell me, how can any pub customer prove their age in India????

  111. Namashkar Mangla,

    Hare Krishna.

    I have nothing against some ladies protesting SRS. But why use chaddhis ? There are many other ways to protest!

    Decency must be maintained! its no different for Nisha and parties.

    As for Anonymous above, who says "You chaps are a complete hoax. You are not Indians. You are.. "
    "If you have women in your ranks they must be your slaves or willing Devdasis. ".. SO much for respect of women!

    He wants our Indian women, every woman for that matter, get drunk and behave liek those Patiala girls. Dude, if you dont respect women, dont, but at least dont send chaddhis to them, who try to stop them from getting drunk.

  112. Mangala,

    You are only talking about 1% of Convent educated "unfortunately born in India(UBI)" anti-Indian Maccauley's Children, who are doing this Pink Chaddi Campaign.

    These 1% men and women do not represent India or Indians, where 30% of rural women do not have freedom to have water in thier houses and they walk 10 miles to get water.

    They and newspapers like Times of India, do not have a right to talk on behalf of all Indians.

    So, far as revolution is concerned, it is a "hate based terrorist movement".

    In the name of women's empowerment, they are sustaining terror in the country.

    The Feminazis of India are worse than Sri Ram Sena.

    Visit www.saveindianfamily.org and you will learn what I am talking about.

  113. completely loving the frustrated and desperate abusive comments by Hindu haters here. they have got a taste of their own medicine :D

  114. Mangala,

    Good. Anyone can understand that these women are telling "F**k you" to Muthalik, by sending Pink Chaddis.

    Now, imagine we sending a thong to Girija Vyas, chairperson of National Commission for Women, who just like Muthalik has not married.

  115. Dear , it is not for my surprise that how strongly your can support the drinking at pub is a good think. Any way , my concern is if some think is not possible , why to make such law .. that belwo 25 years drinking is not allowed?
    Every culture and country have some think good and bad , any country and goverment should try to get the best form there and avoid the bad form that.
    I personnely deeply concerned that the family system in India is in grave danger. When foreigners are looking up to Indian customs and marrying as per Indian traditions, our own people have gone blind in aping the western culture in the name of Westernization. Our cultural values and respect for tradition is getting lost as the youth, today is more concerned about its own liberalism and individuality rather than family values. Vested interests call the Indian family as oppressive and brainwash the young minds against the family system. The Government is urged to call upon a national debate to address the issue of the dying family system of India.
    Now why i am concern, as in western country the social security given by goverment to amximum people , where as in india it is the family system given the social security to people.
    And i do not see any concern or step form goveremnt to wrok in that directions , as we wittness millions of people job less, they do not have a piece of cloth to cover thier body , but goverment spend the tax prayers money to those issue , which is nothing for common people.
    And you had given the answer to me in your questions itself:"If a person goes to a pub and orders a beer, what proof can they give of their age? Most people in India that I know do not have a driver's license or any other type of I.D. such as a passport to prove their age."

    Our goverment should give more importance to the people at least have a indentify first and able to get food/cloth/shelter irrespective of thier education/cast/sex/religion , insted of promoting some pubs or providing security for pubs and wasting our tax prayers money.
    My self is against illgal pubs and those violate the guidelines and do the illegal business and the same to be stopped.
    When they get the lincence to open a pub , they agreed to maintian that, if they can't is not a justifications to continue thier illegal business and violate the lincence agreement.

  116. Mangala,

    Feminists are considered terrorists in India.

    Just reconvert back to whatever religion you came from.

    If you still want to continue with your love for India and Indian culture, then STOP all the Radical Feminists in other countries immediately.

    I am a masculist. I also want equality for both men and women.

    We have done enough research on what Feminists are and how they have damaged the country. They have perpetrated gravest human rights violations in India using funds from UN, UNFPA and UNIFEM.

    Westernised Feminists have spread terror by jailing a million innocent men, women, children and elders in India in last 4 years under section 498a of IPC.

    Being a feminist, do you think your sister have followed Dharma?

    Now, the battle lines are drawn. There will be a mahabharata. The liars and hypocrites will lose in the end.

  117. Oye Condomwallahs or Wallis,

    At least have the guts to say openly who you defenders of the faith are. The folks at the Pink Chaddi campaign have done that.

  118. "I am not against men. I LOVE MEN." if so waht you have done till date when a husabnds end thier life ? Does a mother or sisters pain is less when they loss thier on or brohter?
    Double the married amn end thier life in india and indian man treated as free atm machine why, irrespective the man is fault or right? Why the Indian law think all women born in raja harsih cahdra family and all them men born in criminla family?
    There is a difference between human and animale society , first understand that.
    Stop treating first Indian man as free ATM machine , even in PUBs also it happen . Want western eaulity, first achieve that by hard work, not by putting poision to the society. Make the girls first finencially independent, we are thier , but do not teach how to backamil and extrote the money form men in pubs or from the soceity.
    This pink chaddi campin lead by a Jurnalist at Delhi GK-1 , who want the business and money by making such dirty activity , can any one oppose that?
    I am opposed that , it is she doing for her own benifit and other common people have to pay the price for that.
    Two wrong an't make a right think.

  119. I know that it's hard for some of you to accept, but going to pubs and drinking alcohol is NOT tantamount to being "loose" & "slutty".

    Universally, pub culture & drinking is a form of socializing & unwinding. Nothing more.

    What the Pink Chaddi campaign hopes to achieve is to exercise womens' right to choose to drink OR not drink without having her safety threatened. After all, India is supposed to be a democratic country.

    It is NOT meant to promote promiscuity in any way or form.

    It would be hard for most of you to understand what it is like having a second set of rules apply to you merely because you are female. And I hardly think that that is what "Indian Culture" espouses.

    If you think alcohol is anti-Indian & anti-religion (which it isn't), get your government to ban liquor & pubs. But while these things are not banned, they are LEGAL.

    Please stop attributing the Pink Chaddi campaign as the downfall of Indian-ness & Hinduism. It's merely a response and fight against curbing womens' rights.

  120. Humorous Mangala, Lighten Up!February 11, 2009 at 1:02 PM

    I don't know about battle lines and Mahabharat. I am a lover. I only know love.

    Go ahead and send a thong to Girija Vyas. Maybe she will wear it.

    Maybe Muthalik will wear some pink chaddis. There are many men who love to wear womens' lingerie underneath their pants and kurta, no harm.

    The whole point of the exercise is it's irreverence and humor, which no one else here but me seems to have.

    Western cultures are not trying to imitate Indian culture with it's arranged marriage system. Don't know where you got that idea.

    I have lived both in India and in the West and as a woman, I have to say that West is better for me.

    However, there are many things about Indian culture that I love as well.

    I think a balance between East and West would be a good thing for everyone.

  121. "If you think alcohol is anti-Indian & anti-religion (which it isn't), get your government to ban liquor & pubs. But while these things are not banned, they are LEGAL." ... ohhh..if so why women activist start deating the men for drinking? Why Indian law say drinking by husabnd is a mental crulity and it is doemestic violence?
    Do you want to say , when women drink, they became sobar and start doing Jytri mantra?

    If it is not illegal , it is for both, if men had been beatne by women activist, it is social service .. why? First book those women activist, who do the violence or even broken the Judges chair .. first ask them to stop that, can you?

  122. if you guys have the time to read through the pink chaddi manifesto, you will see that the campaign is aimed at insulting Pramod Muthalik's attitude towards an independent indain woman. His party workers (goondas) seem to think this a great oppurtunity to instil the values of indianess and culture by groping this woman.

    Understand that the tagline of this group deemed as pubgoing loose women is not to be taken literally.

    That's where education and intellect will take you guys out of the dark ages

    If you are going to brandish all pub going women as lose was sita loose because she left her husband and went to the forest. Is she loose because she was kidnaped by Ravan. Is she loose because she wore a simple garb that modern day activists as yourselves will deem as revealing. Oh God! Grow up India gave the world Kamasutra. We are not a population of 1 billion because we covered up.

    Hail the spirit of the only group that chose to voice the concern of women and their freedom. May you all be blessed with daugthters who are pub going and loose.

    Please read our scriptures (the subtext) if you can understand that uneducated braggats to know how broad minded our culture is.

  123. please go to www.digg.com and dugg this url and spread this blog.


  124. Mrs. Mangala MuthalikFebruary 11, 2009 at 1:15 PM

    Didn't the Sri Rama Sena state that they are not against MEN drinking in pubs?

    Case closed.

    They are not against drinking per se.

    They are against women having the freedom of mobility and the freedom of choice that they currently have in India.

    This why, between East and West, west is best, but only for women.

    If I were a man I might think east is best.

  125. to Mangala

    Hindus feel going to pub is not in their culture,
    yeah you may be a foreigner who got converted to Hinduism.
    but look at india where 92% of working population is unorganized,where an avg indian(or hindu)gets less RS 3000 a month,india is the only country in which most women die due to pregnancy..etcmost number of kids are mal nourished
    can hindus afford such luxury?
    there were no pubs in india before ,people have so many festivals here people freely interact in those festivals for eg goto to any hindu's marriage festival(you will get an idea)
    you have villege festivals,temple festivals etc
    people can meet in all those places,

    and one more thing india is the second most populus country in the world,how many pubs are there in india?do all hindus even know what is a pub?
    pub going hindus are vey few,not even 1% of hindu population,so it is very foreign to hindus as we are unfamiliar with it.

    may be just for listening to music etc you may go,but in india only rich spoilt kids who blow there fathers money goto these places..

    may be iam wrong,but to me pubs are definitely foreign to my culture!!!!

  126. I support this campaign... and i protest pink chaddi whores..

  127. pink chaddi ,shame on those who are doing.dirty minded

  128. oh feminist.. as per a women is independent only when she go to PUb or gift a pink chaddi to some one? if so , you need pink condom, do not spared the aids to others.

  129. Mrs. Mangala Muthalik waiting for her hubby to gift her edible chaddis on Valentine's DayFebruary 11, 2009 at 1:23 PM


    I am not promoting "pub culture" (whatever the hell that means, I just saw a debate about it on youtube).

    However, I do know that while pubs are in a minority in India, so are Baristas, so are Cafe Coffee Days, so are MacDonalds so are 24/7 air conditioned shopping malls. These are all minorities. Hell, even having internet connection in your home is a minority in India. Metros and metro lifestlye is minority in India.

    YET IT IS ALL THERE and it is LEGAL.

    So until you can make pubs illegal, they will be there in the metros, you can't deny that.

    You may not like it, and you may CHOOSE not to go, but if your neighbor wants to go, you cannot stop her.

    It's all about choice, until it is made illegal.

    That being said, drinking alcohol has been around in India for a very long time.

    What do you have to say to that?

  130. I feel really sad sexually and socially frustrated bunch of losers like you, hiding under the petticoat of culture... sorry that women don't pay you as much attention because you primates never deserve no more attention than a door knob.. tch tch tch.. please save the condoms to throw water balloons at Holi..

  131. Mrs. Mangala Muthalik , nothing had said by ram senna, it is said by Jurnalists and edited the wohole incident. It was ram sena activists only beatne several man in andra under guidence of renuka and the same termed as social service. Unfortuantely now the table had been truned and renuk got angery when she saw, her own trained child gone against her choice.
    They beat 10000 times more man than women . It is renuka and radical feminist male haters are responsible for such think in india.
    As feminst, they should have whole sale free lincence to do all the crime , even burn the man alive, but no one should question. It is only they have the right to questions others and treat the indian men as free atm machine. They even converted the PUB also a illegal business house of flesh trade , if so why not they do the flash trade legal in india?

  132. I totally second the above view…
    Why do women have to always prove in different ways that they are Indian or cultured for that matter?

    Just because women of today’s generation is independent & is protesting against the so called “RAM SENA” who don’t leave a single opportunity to grope women, you have a problem is it?
    Grow up buddies. U will not only get a pink chhadi but also a pink bra if need be. Who is anybody to dictate what women should wear or where we should go? Why is it that not a single “MAN” help the women who were getting beaten up by these guys in public. Well is that part of "INDIAN CULTURE"???? or if CONDOM part of Inidan culture??? Well they didn’t use condoms earlier, they practiced self control…

    Why is it that talking about CHHADI is somehow degrading Indian culture? Do u guys even know that the very concept of blouse was introduced very recently in our society?

  133. Mangala, not manglikFebruary 11, 2009 at 1:30 PM

    Joe, where do you live?

    Are you an American desi?

  134. Anti-hypcrites,

    These men find chaddis "disgusting" because they are worn on the most intimate parts of woman's body which they deem as "dirty".

    They also feel that a woman should be "shy" and have "lajja" so that she would feel ashamed to even utter the word "chaddi", what to speak of sending chaddis in the mail!

    A woman who is confident with her body, with her yoni and with her chaddi, that is not proper Bharatiya Nari.

  135. "Why is it that not a single “MAN” help the women who were getting beaten up by these guys in public.'

    Why you need man to save you my dear ? Does man ask your help when they had been beaten by your gundas?
    Every day all those so called independent women doing the balckmilling, extortion business and misuse the law, when you siclent that time? learn to respect men first , if you want respect from man.
    Do not think you people will continue with your male hater agenda and expect that all men should support all your worng doing , just you can offer some sexual pleasure for them.
    Those man and women support pink chaddi campin, they need pink condom very much, to stopt he sprade of AIDS in the society.

  136. hilarious, (most of) you guys.
    mangala's cooemts made much sense.
    am not surprised most of you didn't react - maybe you don't have the intelligence or sensibility to understand.

  137. 'comments', not 'cooemts'.

  138. Dear Mangala,
    Chaddis are not against Indian culture, nor are Condoms, so let's support both

  139. Mangala Devi Sacred Yoni PujaFebruary 11, 2009 at 1:45 PM

    I was disappointed by the reaction of the women who were harrassed. I would have like to have seen them stand up right then and there to those goons and full their full face on the camera and say, "I am and Indian woman and I CHOOSE to frequent this establishment. It is my right and I will stand by it".

    By running and crying and hiding themselves, they are feeding into the patriarchy.

    Women of India - do what you want and STAND UP FOR IT BOLDLY. If you are not doing anything illegal then you are not doing anything wrong.

    Stop behaving like 10 year olds. Start behaving like GROWN WOMEN.

    Actually, a mass martial arts campaign needs to sweep the sub-continent so that desi women learn how to physically defend themselves against men like these moustached goondas who couldn't get a date off a calendar!

  140. Nimesh, I have stated several times on your site that I support both pink chaddi and pink condom campaign.

    So why are you telling me now to support both.

    Only a fool does not support condoms in a country where AIDS is rampant and the population exceeds 1 billion!

    But I prefer blue color, and ridges for increased pleasure. Thankyou.

  141. ohh.. in a road if a guy make a wishel , women can go upto supreme court and coamplin in this ccountry and it is surprised those women are hiding and their face only shon form back.
    it proves behond resonable dought , that in the PUB some illgal business was going on and if thier true indentity revelaed the pub owner will be in trouble and renuk b her pwoer twisted the same with the help of jurnalsit.
    Just go and see the "Swozbizz" movie to understand better.
    If those women are honest , at least they should come openly.
    Like CPM MLA dughter abused by her own party memebrs but put the balme to ram sena by media.. why???? can any one answer this?

  142. rightly said swaroop ,this independent uncultured women and thier families has become richer by black mailing thierr innocent husbands , parasites women . men should also get respect mutually inturn and we know how to take respect from this arrogant women , send condoms to this male chakkas who are participating in chaddi campiagn

  143. Mangala Tantrik Yoni PujaFebruary 11, 2009 at 1:54 PM

    Shubho Sengupta

    Perhaps they have not responded to me because I have asked logical questions about the legal system in India and India's law and order.

    Disorganization and law and order are big problems in India.

    But after leaving there in 2006 and returning to USA I have seen so many "India Shining" campaigns on the net and so many Indian bloggers are writing about how India is "modernizing", becoming a "super power" and all that.

    And then the next thing you know, grow adults who walk into a pub AS PAYING CUSTOMERS for a few drinks and a dance are being asked by outsiders to leave and when they don't, are being chased and beaten out!!!!

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    I suppose when I return to India, nothing will have changed.

    I will still have to worry for my safety and carry a pin on the bus or train to ward off eve-teasers.

  144. As far as Indian wives falsely accusing their husbands of dowry threats and abuse and using them as ATMs.

    Don't get married.

    Unless you can find a working woman who will pay her way through life without taking help from you, don't get married.

    Problem solved.

    India has too many babies being born anyway. There is no need for any Indian to get married and have kids. No need.

  145. Madma, you also must understand some think what is called preventive action and waht is called break down action. or do you think only educuted moran have right to sprade the aids in society and the truck driver you mentioned have no right in india?

    First remove the source of AIDS and no dought the PUBs are one of the area where unprotected sex occured without condom and they need the condom most at present.

    Further we oppose the renuk's statement : do not trust men trust condom type remarks and the same objected by a lot of women also .

    For more read the full article :

    " So, please do not think, Ms. Renuka is a mentally seek personality, she is a by born male-hater and intelligent Business women who knows from where her party can get the major junk of fund and as a result we witness her camping on behalf of "Condom" Producers of International Market, they way we need Food, Home, Cloth (Roti/Kapra/Makhan) , we need a pack of "Condom" also in Every House and enjoy the multiple Sex partners.

    So, my dear husband put a budget in your monthly income or work hard to earn that extra money, as women will buy the "Condom" as per advice of Ms. Renuka, but the money you have to pay , as Indian women are "abal-nari", as today it is necessary the way it necessary for Food, Home, Cloth of your wife/women, as our own home became worse than a "brothel" as per our Star Minister Ms. Renuka.

    Because adultrity is not crime for them and now the promotion of multiple Sex partner are on the way by our Honorable minister Ms. Renuka.

    Let wait and watch, which one will be a better place for our future child, a "Brothel" or a "Family Home".

    After Reaction her Comment:"Don't Trust Your men/Husabnd"

    Activists outraged at condom comment By NDTV.

    DODGY WISDOM by Telegraph.

    Comment on condoms misinterpreted: Chowdhury by DNA News. -Is not She Trying to escape?

    Mistress of Spice: Renuka chowdhury- Hindustan Times or Minister of Condom Industry?"

  146. The Pink Condom campaign is amazing. Condoms are cheaper than panties and serve a far grander fuction. ALso quite unfortunate that many catholic and islamic religious heads are against birth control and condoms. Even the pope is against it. So not sure if it is secular enough.

  147. Mangala ji, I support your campaign.

    I am just worried about one thing - does your campaign end with SRS? Or would you like to join me and many other men like me in School Bharo andolan where you will fight for the right of the girl child to go to school? If yes, I salute you. If no - I will call you another bloody hypocrite

  148. India has too many babies being born anyway. There is no need for any Indian to get married and have kids. No need... dont be so happy , it is allready happening and so renuka and their associated made theDomestic violence act , irrespective you marry or not , you have to pay the price, let the women earn a millions per day....... that is indian law.
    For a women all crime is social service , start form killing the unborn child to burn to alive the man.
    Where as for a man , he have no right , even a animale have more right to protect himself .
    That is indian law.. madam.. and do not hink only man will be punished, alogn with that if any women support him she will have to go jail, irrespective she stay in idia or out side india. Today in interpoll red cornorrer list, more indian women's look out notice are there than the terrorist , just go and check.

  149. In the west we have a "pre-nuptial agreement" which can protect both the husband and wife in case of a divorce.

    Maybe Indian Hindus need to enter into marriage more like a business contract, like Muslims do.

    At any rate, I don't really see the need for marriage and children in a country that is 1 billion plus.

    That is why I'm supporiting the pink condom campaign.

    But they are only sending condoms to the pink chaddi girls. EVERYBODY in India needs a life long supply.

  150. I support this innovate campaign. I can foresee that this can become a great movement and very much needed in India. Condoms help the promiscious to prevent pregnancy and childbirth. It can help in our population boom. I urge the peoplewho support this campaign to distribute condoms at all hotels and pubs where valentines day is celebrated. It can prevent a lot of hardship and is a compassionate way of service.

  151. I wish this campaign success and it should be carried forward beyond valentines day also.

  152. to swarup...
    we dont need men to help us in any which ways... hence the chaddi campaign...

  153. Actually Nishigandha Singh, in USA, at some our clubs/pubs we have condoms handed out for FREE at the door.

    So why not pink condoms handed out for free in India at pubs, clubs, colleges, mandirs, mosques, churches, etc.


    Afterall, it is often the religious people who do not follow hum do hamare do.

  154. "please save the condoms to throw water balloons at Holi.."

    You do it actually and yes please make sure you have asked asked females in your family to donate their Pink or even Black Chaddis will do. After all they must be supporting it...

    The whole point I have understood is "the young generation wants the license to Drink may it be pubs or at their own homes, may it be boys or girls while on the other end they are being restricted by a group who do not want the Alcohol to be a part of blood since aftermaths could be riskier".

    issue is NOT "Drink or not to drink" or "Hinduism and Culture" or "legality of drinking", the only point is "supporting the consumption of Alcohol and promoting it actively" could have very bad results in the years to come. I have never seen a single person on earth who has "gained health, wealth, brain, peace, love" because he/she consumes Alcohol. In Indian perspective so far Alcohol has been a cause of "some sort of damage", may it be family breaking... more bad habits creeping in with Alcohol, Waste of money since you get addicted and so on.

    In Nutshell,
    I only want that "Active consumption" of Alcohol should not be promoted in India atleast and if at all we do ... we should be ready to control the damage after it.

  155. http://thepinkfloydcampaign.blogspot.com/

  156. Just now got a call from "Pink Chaddi" Shopkeeper , as liberal women are demending "Pink Condom " as free of cost to participate in Renuka's PUB Bhoro Andoloan.

    They also refuse to join the Girl Child school bhro adoloan.

  157. I totally support this campaign. This is a befitting lesson to those 1 % pub going women who want to create animal society for cheap publicity.



  159. The pink floyd campaign and accompanying campaigns were funny.

    See, this is why I like desis. At the bottom of all the hang-ups with morality and culture and this and that, they got a sense of humor down there somewhere.

    They just don't have much of a sense of humor when it comes to womens' sexuality.

    For that they are all prim and proper like Queen Victoria.

    I prefer polyandrous Queen Draupadi as my role model.

    She had multiple partners, remember!

    Was she influenced by feminism and the west?

  160. This comment has been removed by the author.

  161. Send few condoms to the Loose Brigade who has been campaigning for this "Alien Pub culture" on TV channels...

    Way 2 Go..!!

    This Renuka Chaudhary, instead of looking into mortality rates of child and women, instead of stoping women from drinking (for health reasons), instead of looking at her ministry - is busy promoting a WRONG culture.

    She was earlier busy lobbying for Buscuit companies in getting them lions share in Hot Food programs running in schools / Anganwadis. Send her a dozen as well...!!

    I fully support you guys and atleast 50 condoms from my end on your way at GK2 office

  162. Do you guys feel embarrassed when buying condoms in India?

    Don't the shop keepers give you strange look or joke with you?

    What about women buying condoms? What is the reaction there?

    I never bought a condom in India, so I'm curious.

  163. @ everyone out here.
    where is the sense of humour man.....
    all that the pink chaddi guys are trying to say is that people like the SRS should let us (the 'loose pub going women') be who we want to be, do what we want to do and drink what we want to drink.
    they are not advocating alcoholism.
    they're just saying that the shiv ram sene is going a bit too far, and being rather sexist.
    the problem is in the Indian Mind, i think people still have that impression that females are the weaker sex, that we're inferior.
    so therefore, pink chaddi. to show that the portion of women who enjoy a good martini and a hook-up do not give a rats ass about some pol-party's opinion.
    acts like the shiv ram sene's will only lead to rebellion among women.
    what's wrong with women being open and forward about chaddis and sexuality? if you send them pink condoms...................i'm pretty sure they'll use them. and send them back. and thus will start campaign war. what's the point?

    ps. i wonder why these douchebag politicians come up with 'righteous' campaigns like this only close to election time.

    the mindset. has. to. change.

  164. pink chaddi, pink condom, pink bra, pink pants, pink shirts.... wht the f*** is this ? you guys are bigger IDIOTS that what you sound like.
    This campaign is against pink chaddis or the Ram Sena ? you guys dont have a f****g ideology, you are similar to Ram Sena.
    Atleast the pinkchaddis have a motto behind them, your motto is to outwit pink chaddis..... shame on you....

  165. Swarup,

    Drinking per se is not wrong. Violence when one is inebriated, on the other hand, IS wrong - both for men & for women.

    Extreme behaviour from both men (moral police) and women (your so-called "feminists") should not be the basis for judging an entire sex.

    Just because some women wrongly take matters into their own hands, doesn't mean all women or all feminists hate men.

    Similarly, just because some men become violent when they drink, is not a basis to say all men are wife-beaters.

    You should learn to be a little less narrow-minded in your view of the world.

    And you cannot not impose your views on the rest of the world. Otherwise, India might as well abandon democracy.

    Live and let live.

  166. In india it is absulutely free for women , including women condom.... do not underestimate Indian women.
    They know very well how to enjoy the lvaish life style without any hard work. Why only condom, they know how get free monhtly mobile bill, monthly house rent, combined joint name on home without earning a single penny and whole day spend in kitty party.. !!
    Ask them to join school bhro andolan, they will never turn up, but ask them to pub bhoro andolan they all are ready.....!!!
    Just come once to delhi at least and visit the Jurnalsit own office area at GK you will get all your answer, madam.

  167. @Mystique,
    You change your mindset.

    1. Sending chaddis to Muthalik does not make you liberal woman! But going to pub and drink with many people may lead you to the path of destruction, for sure.

    2. Protesting by sending chaddhis is a sick idea, there are far better ideas of protest.

    3. Picking out only SRS for beating women ina pub, while watching and enjoying nude women parading after drunk in Patiala, Not supporting Taslima Nasrin, Nisha Susan and company are being biased.

    4. "Pub Bharo" is not a way to protest against SRS or anyone, in that matter.

  168. I think the pink chaddi is symbol for the pink yoni.

    And the pink condom is symbol for the pink lingam. The white man's lingam is pink, so I think the symbolism is that Indian women should date and marry white men.

    Actually, most Indian women in the USA are preferring white or black American men to desi men anyway, so it's just a matter of time before mixed desis take over the country like Obama, our president who is mixed black African and white American.

    Don't lose heart desi men, I still love you.

    I prefer a good desi boy over a black or white American anyday.

    But he has to be progressive. And I like the handsome looks of Sardars. I love their long black hair.

  169. bhavna , appricate and last hree years we had tried hard to tell the same think to indian goveremnt , the way bad man are there bad women also there.
    But unfortunately WCD minsiter never accept that and say all the bad done by women to be treated as social work , even adultrity also.
    Result we are moving fast towards a animale society , bloody do not have a ruppes to eat the food , want pub to florrish.
    No one against pUb or drinking , it is those self styled politician want to trouble the people and here the maximum contrubutions by those male hater women in india, who want men to be a free atm machine and they want every lavish life style at the cost of mens life.
    more than 30% vacencey not filled up in india in armey.. hope you know the reson.

  170. Trust me when I say, this is not a religious battle. It has nothing to do with Hindus, Muslims or Christians.

    I am Hindu and I fully support Nisha Susan's cause because it is about womens' rights. We should not have to feel threatened for our safety for merely visiting a pub.

    And, mind you, it is not only in pubs that women are molested. Everywhere in this country - on the streets, in the buses and trains - EVERYWHERE, women are groped. What's the reason for that? Surely we haven't done anything wrong when by just taking a train to our destination?

    How to you explain that?

  171. I was sexually harrassed almost daily when I was in India. In holy places, for goodness sake!

    Thankgod I had American passport and was able to leave.

    But Indian women cannot and are stuck there for life.

    What will the pink condom campaign do for them?

  172. Send few condoms to the Loose Brigade who has been campaigning for this "Alien Pub culture" on TV channels...

    Way 2 Go..!!

    This Renuka Chaudhary, instead of looking into mortality rates of child and women, instead of stoping women from drinking (for health reasons), instead of looking at her ministry - is busy promoting a WRONG culture.

    She was earlier busy lobbying for Buscuit companies in getting them lions share in Hot Food programs running in schools / Anganwadis. Send her a dozen as well...!!

    I fully support you guys and atleast 50 condoms from my end on your way at GK2 office

  173. When a man harrased at office, street, home, balckamiliied and extoprtion done by doing the legal terrorism ... it is love by women and social service?
    If a man say to women i love you , it is sexual harrasement .. and when a women say i love you ... ohhh.. waht a great women?
    First make the definations of harrasement gender eaull , then see who harrase more to whome.
    let the women harrase man or man harrase the women, the criminla is man only , that is indian mind set and law. If they think women do not do harrasement, why they afrid to make all the women law gender eaull? because know , then it will be 10 times more women will be behind the bar for the crime they do in the society.
    Some data for your reday reference :
    Crime Bure data, 2005 All India: Did You Know?
    In the Year 2005, the Crime Against Men, More than Twenty-two Lacks sixty Four Thousands ( 92.88%) vs One Lack fifty-five thousands against women( 6.38%)?
    Comp. Sue Moto By Police(FIR Registered): 24,37,973/-
    Crime Against Women : 1,55,553/-
    Crime against Child : 17,975/-
    Crime against Men : 22 ,64 , 445/-
    In the Year 2005 the Crime Against Men, More than Twenty-two Lacks sixty Four Thousands vs One Lack fifty-five thousands against women?

    % Wise All India Crime Against Men, Woemn and Child as Under :
    Crime Against Women : 6.38%
    Crime Against Child : 0.73%
    Crime Against Men : 92.88%
    We wonder Whose life is in More Danger in India : Men or Women?
    Crime Bure data 2005 : Married Men Sucide : 52k vs Married Women Sucide 28K.Still there is no LAW to Protect Men why?
    2006 Crime Bure Data : Married Men Sucide:55452 vs. Married Women Sucide:29869.
    2007 Crime Bure Data : Married Men Sucide:57593 vs. Married Women Sucide:30064.
    Will Our LAW Maker change the LAW 304B( dowry death) to 304C( Sowry Death) and 498A ( harrasement to wife) to 498B ( Sowry harrasement by wife)

    Change your mind set , do you ever asked wath sit he crime against men?
    No you will not.
    This is the truth , in usa the rape is double than indian women .,.. why .. my dear ?

  174. "I am Hindu and I fully support Nisha Susan's cause because it is about womens' rights. We should not have to feel threatened for our safety for merely visiting a pub. "

    Nisha Susan do all the think for the news and for her carier and money and fool the people. No one stop to go and drink in pub , it is the oppositions to go to illegal PUB and do the illegal business and promote the same.
    One hand women can't go to shcool, for that such jurnalist will not do any think, because they can't extorte the money form that , they want the issue which can give them good trp and free money.
    There is no excuse for making such nonsense activity of pink chaddi... if so , theyare so liberal, should take pink condom also , as it is need very much to stopt he AIDS by those illgal business going on in PUB.

  175. This comment has been removed by the author.

  176. I've not read the statistics on rape so I can't comment. I have tried to take statistics in India myself but it was hard because the people I interviewed were not being honest with me. Many were shy.

    That is understandable.

    I can only tell you what I experienced on a personal basis in India.

    Weekly in the streets and on public transport my boobs were brushed against or grabbed, my ass pinched, I was asked, "can I fuck you", and so many things. This was a regular occurance - not once, not twice, not fifty times, but almost daily over years.

    Finally it got to be too much.

    I left.

    I have never been sexually harrassed in USA.

    Although I won't deny that it does happen to some women, I have never seen it.

    And I have never experienced it.

    I have only experienced it in India.

    That is one woman's personal experience. My experience. I cannot speak for anyone else.

    I've never seen a woman in India grabbing a man's penis in public. Does this happen?

    I've never heard a woman saying to a stranger passing her in the street, "I want to fuck you".

    Do Indian women do that?

    Do Indian women pull up their saris and show their naked vaginas to men in restaurants?

    I have had Indian men flash me their chota lunds in public!!!

    Again, just my personal experience. I cannot speak for you or your ma.

  177. You all act as if sending a pink condom to a woman is an insult. Of course it will be used.

    Why not?

    What's the big deal?

    In USA condoms are giving away free of cost at some of our pubs/clubs. It is only common sense and safe sex practices. India should start the same. Maybe this website can initiate it.

    As far as young men asking their sisters and mothers to send in chaddis, why not?

    What is the big deal in all these things?

    If I were an Indian mom I would be happy to support the cause.

    Which century are you guys living in?

    The century where moms and sisters don't wear chaddis?

    Your mom wiped your dirty butt when you were a baby. She will not be embarrassed if you use the word "chaddi" in front of her!

  178. We can show you who abusive women in viedo recoridn and voice recording, so do not say that.
    The type of laguange they useing here as anomisu also is not less.
    In india as i told you wahtever women do is social service and not crime.
    make the same as crime, you will get.
    I can grantee, come with me, will show maximum women love to play with the penis of child.. it is the fact.
    further see this your self.
    See how the girls are drunk!
    This is totally worng and your assumption based , that when a women hold the penis of man is not crime and man can't complin, now you can decide ?
    First make the law gender equll , then we can say.


    You Morons, you will realise when these same pub going loose women file false cases of dowry harassment, sexual harassment on you and throw you in jail and extort million rupees.

    Get Married to these women and then face the music.

    If you have common sense, stop DATING FEMINISTS.

    Today, Men's Rights are much more Important than women's rights.

  180. Im assuming that this blog is just anti-pink chaddi
    Anyways...I guess since pink condoms are also being collected at the same place as the Chaddis...we can send the condoms along with the pink chaddis to the SRS ;)

  181. Mangala , do you think we should consider you that you born in raja harish cahdra family , that you said every day you had been abused and keep mum?
    Sorry , i wonder what profession you was , when in india , either it is simple lie or the profession itself gives money for such activity.
    Means women want to sue the sexual parts in body for thier lavish life style at the same time want to say every day harrased?
    First make the menning od harrasement equall to all and men face maximum FRE ATM machine harrasement , why not punish those women who treat men as free ATM machine? At least in India there is law to protect a women for all harrasemnt, waht for men...?
    That is the question we asked . Crime crime and punishment should be as per crime, irrespective of gender and sex. If not , be ready for the animale society and pay the price .
    That is the caution.

  182. Mangala , do you think we should consider you that you born in raja harish cahdra family , that you said every day you had been abused and keep mum?

    Where as it is fact that you your self mentioned , from the child hood you go to pub and all palces and never seen any onsense activity there.... why this contracted wrod ?
    A lie is lie and the same can came out one day . Ifany one read all your comment , they can very well understand and that is the indian women , lie oenply and say i am a vicitm of harrasement in the hand of men and stupid men belive that and start beating the man itself.
    It is time indian men to wake up. In the PUB men beaten every day till date , they do all the illegal business and treat the man as FREE ATM machine. Now to fulfill thier own money eanring business they are fooling the whole people.

  183. This is a story i recivied in my mail box just now , hope you all like it .
    Hi Ma, we are all set for the day. When are you....

    Set for what Baby?

    Why, for Pub Bharo Ma. After Maang bharo, godh bharo, jail bharo, pub
    is the new cool phrase. Didn't you watch Ekta Kapoor's new soap Ma? It's
    called Aao Pub Bharen.

    Hey mom, Sis and I picked out your costume for your Pub Bharo
    campaign. And
    we picked up ours too. Wait until Muthalik sees us.

    Baba, I can't wear Andhra Pochampalli silks in Mangalore. That would be a
    political boo boo. I hope you got me something with the Kannada spirit.

    Spirit? Yes ma, plenty of spirit but your costume is a Rakhi Sawant
    designer outfit. It was voted the coolest pub costume ever on Friday. And
    yes, it is 100% Cotton.

    What are you two doing today? I'll skin you both alive if you set foot
    outside the house. And Baby, if I see the punk on the motorbike
    hanging out
    on the street, I'll call the police. I'm serious and you tell him that.

    But Ma, that's not fair. You placed us under house arrest on
    Valentine's Day
    last year. This year after asking all the young people of the country
    to Pub
    Bharo, you can't lock us up in our rooms.

    Baba, no backchat. Go to your rooms both of you.

    Ma, we called Times Now for breakfast with you. Arnab Goswami has been the
    greatest defender of the right to freedom of Pub. Won't he ask you why we
    are at home when the rest of the country's young people are Pub bharoing?

    Arnab is coming home? I'd better rush and change.
    BABA, BABY, into my room both of you. What is this? You don't expect me to
    wear this? And baby what are you wearing? It's indecent.

    Ma, these were the smallest shorts in the market, they don't make them
    smaller than these and don't you think this top looks cool?

    Top, where is the top? And where is the back?

    Ma, when you asked us all to Pub Bharo, you wanted to teach Muthalik a
    government lesson.
    Remember Ma, Muthalik's goons thrashed Sis's friends for wearing similar
    clothes. Now let us see what he does to your daughter Ma.

    What's that in those cardboard boxes?

    Those Ma are beer, scotch whiskey, rum, lager, vodka and soda. Just to be
    safe. If all the young people join the campaign Ma, the pubs may run
    out of

    And Baby, that looks like my most expensive kancheepuram silk saree.

    Yes ma it is. Baba told me to take it, just in case.

    Silk saree, to the pub? But you just told me I cant go to the pub in a
    with bindi and bangles and I thought that's why you got me those jeans and
    spaghetti strap top.

    Ma, this is not for the pub. Muthalik has threatened to get us married
    if he
    catches any of us in pairs. I am just hoping I'll be the lucky girl to get

    With that punk? BABY, I'll cancel the campaign, I'll call off the freedom
    struggle, I'll ask Soniaji to order all pubs to shut down. I will not have
    you get married to that punk.

    Too late Ma, arnab is at the door. Cheerio Ma, and don't worry; your
    favorite called this morning and both Baba and I are also carrying condoms
    with us.

    WHAT? Condoms? What are you saying?

    Cool Ma, sis is only being sensible. If we are going to be in the pub the
    whole day and drinking, anything can happen. You have raised us to be
    responsible Ma. I advised baby to carry condoms. You know, just in
    case. And
    Ma, chill will you, you look frozen.

    Ma, I know you will be pub hopping. Rakhi told us she will be pub hopping
    too. Catch up with her Ma. After all she designed your costume. She will
    want pictures of you and her in that costume.

    And Ma, I'm hanging out with the guys at Galloping Gooseberries.
    And I will be at Cool Cats Ma. Just make sure when you are pub
    hopping, you
    don't come here. I won't be caught dead in a pub with my mother.

    And Ma, next year ask Soniaji to announce Pub Bharo day on Rahulji's
    birthday. This way we get to pub bharo twice a year.

    Bye, Ma, you are the best. Yos bro, have fun. See you tomorrow. And,
    Ma, if
    some us get married today, you ask Girija Vyas stay out. If she thinks
    have the fundamental right to dress indecently, drink during the day, be
    lesbians, well tell her, some us also have the right to get married.
    And if
    going to pubs and being thrashed by Muthalik is the only way we can get
    married in your government's time, Girija Vyas must respect my right
    Ma. See
    you bro. If you get married call me. If I get married, I'll call you.

    You mean if we are both not so drunk. Ciao Ma. Happy Pub Bharo. Happy Pub
    Bharo Sis.

    You too bro. Yos.

  184. Swarup, you don't make any sense.

    I did not punish anyone in India and I cannot make laws there. I am not a citizen of India, what to speak of a politician that can make laws.

    I was harrassed alot. I left.

    You can believe me or not believe. I don't care.

    The solution for Indian men is TO NOT MARRY.

    Do not even date an Indian woman.

    Stay away from Indian women if you don't want to face false dowry case and ATM abuse.


    Just like I have left India to get away from the men abusing me, you should try to leave India to get away from the women abusing you.

    Simple as that.

  185. Hi,Just came to know abt this campn. from india times web site.
    I support the campn.
    Right thing at Right Time

  186. So basically we are to understand that Indian mothers and their adult children never sit down and share a glass of wine together?

    That the thought of sharing a martini or a beer with your ma is taboo and unheard of?

  187. Mangala,

    If you do not belong to India, then get lost.

    You Western Morons stop infiltrating into India.

    We are not dictating social or cultural policies of US or Europe, then why the hell you should?

    Are Germans doing Dandiya and Raksha Bandhan inside Oktoberfest?

    When Europeans are not importing our culture, why should we import other's cultures?

  188. Mangala, why you are getting angery ? When i said in the PUB a lot of nonsense happened, you siad, you never seen that inspite of going there form child hood , after some comment , you say you have been harrased ever day so many times and keep mum and run away to USA.

    This is not your story, this is the story of every so called women who calim harrased and indian men proved resonable dought in the court of law , the man was innocent, but there is nor punishment for those women who make such calim false and fabricated to hide thier own crime.
    This is a Clear evidence in this blog form your own comments itslef.
    Now, if the same think done by any man , the had been trased till now, but no one will say a single word against you as you projected as women.
    That is the reality.
    When women hold the penis of a man, it is called love.
    And a man may be even not seen the women's face, but if the women say i had been harrased even in pub, all will start beat the man.
    Yes, in USA it does not happen, it happen only in india, as in use a women get jaild for doing the sex with child under 18 years ( that called rape ), but not in india . In india when a women paly with child and rape them , it is called social service and they are visiable in Page -3 party.
    Truth is always harsh , please stick with turht insted of fooling the people.

  189. Mangala,

    Did you enter into India and converted to defame and degrade India and Indian culture?

    Were you an agent of Harvesting Souls movement and did they plant you to carry out the agenda?

    Do you know in US and Europe, teenage girls start doing sex at the age of 12 or 14, and get screwed left right and center?

    Teenage pregnancies and pregnancy pacts are common things.

    In fact, this teen sex stuff is worse than child marriages.

  190. "Just like I have left India to get away from the men abusing me, you should try to leave India to get away from the women abusing you."

    Wrong advice , i fight for justice and i ensure those do the wrong should be punished in the court of law and allready done and will motivate people also to do the same.
    This is my country , no one have right to destroy the same and i will fight till my last blood is there .
    The soultion is support the right people for right cause.
    A wrong cause for right people is not called Justice.
    Pink chaddy campin done to abuse the men and to get some oney and business by some jurnalist and we had allready exposed them , when they tried to project all men are bad and all women are born in raja harish cahdra family.
    We ahd allready in the court of law punished them and will contiue.

  191. @mangala..

    As you have already left India * not a citizen here, wont it be better if you focus your energies on reforming the american society e.g. teenage pregnacy & alcoholism in USA.

    If you really want to work on a global scale, here is a suggestion. Jihadis have barred muslim girls from attending the schools in many countries. please protest that. Which is more useful ? going to pubs or goinfg to school ?

    Allow us bigoted hindus to sort out our mess. thank you.

  192. Sumanth, I'm not dictating anything. I'm just asking questions and reflecting the laws of India back onto India.

    Pubs and alcohol are both legal in India.

    Actually, Indian culture has influenced the West greatly. YOGA has been around here for decades and increases in popularity every year, as does Buddhism.

    Dandiya is also going on here in our Universities.

    But anyway, I don't know where you get the idea that I am "dictating" anything.

    Swarup - I am not angry. Don't know where you got that idea from.

    And I have never lodged a court case against anyone.

  193. Nice step guys. You guys rock!!!

    My support.

  194. @ mangala

    Pubs and alcohol are both legal in India.

    Pubs have clearly defines rules , as in age of patrons , locations, timings etc.. e.g.25 years is the minimum age for any one to enter a pub in delhi, but a recent study found that more than 80% of customers are underage. All pubs should close by 11.30 PM in Blr, none should be located near a school etc..

    Alcohol is illegal in some parts of India as well ( gujarat ) and total prohibhition is one of the directive principles in Indian constitution. mahatma was its biggest votary :) so please get down from your ivory tower..reserve your preaching sessions to your fellow citizens. thank u.

  195. I can only speak from my personal experience.

    I was not a pregnant teenager so I don't know what that experience is like.

    However, a cousin of mine was as well as a good friend in high school.

    They had their kids, their parents helped them financially and took care of the baby while they finished school and all is good.

    What's the big deal?

    Really, it's not the end of the world. People learn to adjust, you know, like a new bahu, they adjust and make the best of their situation.

    Teenage pregnancies in America have been on the decline for the last 2 decades by the way.

    More teenagers are choosing to wait until they are married or in a longterm committed relatinship to have sex and those that still do, more are using condoms.

    Pink Condom Campaign Zindabad!!!!

  196. Of course Gandhi was for total prohibition, have you read his auto-biography? He was even against sex BETWEEN MARRIED PEOPLE!!!

    He had some good ideas which I respect him for, but not all of his ideas do I agree with.

    For instance, his views on sexuality and his comments on rape. Don't agree at all.

    I know all about dry areas in India. I lived in one.

    Gujarat is not the only dry area.

    Anyway, I'm not a drinker myself so would prefer not to be around it, but if people want to do it in their own space or in pubs, so be it.

    I think ganja is a better alternative for Indians because it is indigenous and has been part of Indian culture for centuries. Plus it makes you passive rather than aggressive.

  197. Great job Mangala... It makes me really happy to see someone who gets it actively posting. Anyway for me this was never a hindu vs minorities battle. This was a battle of freedom of choice vs the liberty taken by the Sene to ruthlessly take the law into their own hands while shamelessly inviting the media to witness the assault on girls. If the pub owner did not have a licence, take action against him, why beat up the patrons. No wait, not all patrons were beaten up, just the girls.

    So if they're so interested in the welfare of women, why haven't they go to desi daru bars and beat up men who abuse their wives after a long night of drinking? Better yet shut those places down. (Oops thats their vote bank.. lol)

    We women can legally be married when we're 18 years old. Indian culture has endorsed child marriages but lets not even go there. At 18 we are considered mature enough to choose a life partner, give birth to a child and be responsible for his/ her upbringing. But we need the Ram Sene and other right-winged groups to tell us which places to frequent, what to drink, what to wear, etc.?

    What is the meaning of choice. If you isolate youself behind strict "moral" upbringing you don't have any options to choose from. You need to see the good and the bad. And choose. Sometimes you make the wrong choice but you learn from it.

    Anyway now for the retorts.. there seem to be the same guys copy-pasting their same drivel on several blogs, so I'll take them on one by one.

    To the person talking about Taslima Nasreen: You didn't do anything about it either right? This is a classic diversion tactic. Talk about the issue at hand.

    To all those guys talking about mothers and sisters undergarments. Does your mother/ sister not wear underwear? So whats wrong if we send some to Muthalik coz we think he and his men need it more than us? If somebody sent your father a condom, we wouldn't be subjected to your DNA.

    For Swarup who's crying about crimes against men. I've never heard of male infanticide
    The figures you quote for crimes against men, were these crimes committed by women?

    And in USA rape gets reported more often hence the higher numbers. Its not a good sign that women in India are supressed.

    Gosh why don't you men put your energy into something constructive. Join the army. Protect the country from external threats instead of spreading your anti-feminist propoganda.

    We're standing up for our rights.

    Besides you guys are only posting names of the chaddi campaigners. Post your names and mobiles too so I can send some pink condoms to you. You can then send it to the pink chaddi girls or use them youself. Thats freedom of choice, my friend.


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