Karunanidhi killed Prabhakaran

According to United Nations, the outside world may never know how many Tamils were killed in the recently concluded military action against the LTTE in Sri Lanka. Some estimates put the death toll into millions including innocent civilians. And the world, especially India, hardly seems to be bothered.

Contrast it with Israeli military actions. Even if one Palestinian civilian, in fact even a militant, is killed, the whole world, especially the Islamic world, is up in arms. Violent protests by Muslims have taken place even inside India over small Israeli military actions against Palestinians.

Recently there was news that Taliban was expelling Sikh civilians out of Swat Valley in Pakistan. And those Sikhs, who were unable to leave the area, were levied jaziya tax in lieu of their basic survival. Protests took place inside India and Indian government took the matter with Pakistani officials. Same happened when a shootout at a Vienna Gurudwara took place last week.

See the link? Followers of a religion taking up cudgels on behalf of their co-religionists in other parts of the world. So why don’t Hindus speak up for their co-religionists? Historically, there have been two reasons – we have been apologetic of calling ourselves Hindus and we have been divided along caste and regional lines.

But of late, both of these vices of Hindu society are on wane. If politicians and pseudo-intellectuals drop their agenda, the caste system may well be a thing of past, and slowly Hindus are proudly proclaiming their religious identity just like Swami Vivekananda did a century ago.

That’s why we now see Hindus speaking up when their beliefs are mocked or their rights trampled upon. Even Indian government has taken up issues with foreign nations on religious rights of Hindus.

So what went wrong with the Tamil Crisis in Sri Lanka?

Because it was always promoted as a ‘Tamil’ crisis instead of a ‘Hindu’ crisis even by the sympathizers of Tamils. That’s where the battle was lost.

In fact they have always erred on this front. Under the influence of an imaginary Aryan Invasion Theory, they have created a philosophy and ideology that has alienated them from the rest of Indians. Their leaders have ridiculously abused Hindu Gods and Goddesses in name of Tamil pride (the most recent example was the comments by Karunanidhi on Lord Rama over the issue of Sethu Samudram project). A section of Tamils have wrongly placed their self-respect on hatred for Hinduism.

A more pragmatic approach would have been to shed this hatred for Hinduism in favor of a united Hindu society of India that included self-respecting Tamils. This would have linked every Hindus’ emotions to the ‘Tamil’ crisis of Sri Lanka and it would have been seen as a ‘War on Hindus’. All the Hindu groups, including Sangh Parivar, would have lobbied to save the Hindus (Tamils) in Sri Lanka.

It seems that the master strategist and founder of LTTE Prabhakaran had such an idea in mind – in his interviews he had spoken up about how he was inspired by the heroes of Mahabharata and other Hindu characters. He even praised Swami Vivekananda for the original self-respect movement. Clearly he wanted every Hindu to emotionally connect to the Tamil’s plight in Sri Lanka, and gather pan-Indian support for Tamils.

But his sympathizers and supporters in Tamilnadu were still leaving in fool’s paradise, where they thought that hatred for Hindus was the only way to preserve Tamil identity. The Hindus of rest of India heard abuses for Lord Rama from Karunanidhi. Prabhakaran was killed by Karunanidhi then and there.

It’s a warning for all Hindus in each part of the world. It’s time we shed imaginary ideologies that were propagated to demoralize and divide Hindus. It’s also the time we shed caste and regional bias and unite, otherwise we’d keep on getting killed and eliminated just like millions were wiped out from Sri Lanka.

Lies of Teesta Seetalvad and Sickularists

The Special Investigation Team responsible for the arrests of those accused in Gujarat riots has severely censured NGOs and social activist Teesta Setalvad who campaigned for the riot victims.

In a significant development, the SIT led by former CBI director R K Raghavan told the Supreme Court on Monday that the celebrated rights activist cooked up macabre tales of wanton killings.

Many incidents of killings and violence were cooked up, false charges were levelled against then police chief P C Pandey and false witnesses were tutored to give evidence about imaginary incidents, the SIT said in a report submitted before a Bench comprising Justices Arijit Pasayat, P Sathasivam and Aftab Alam.

The SIT said it had been alleged in the Gulbarg Society case that Pandey, instead of taking measures to protect people facing the wrath of rioteers, was helping the mob. The truth was that he was helping with hospitalisation of riot victims and making arrangements for police bandobast, Gujarat counsel, senior advocate Mukul Rohtagi, said quoting from the SIT report.

Rohtagi also said that 22 witnesses, who had submitted identical affidavits before various courts relating to riot incidents, were questioned by the SIT which found that they had been tutored and handed over the affidavits by Setalvad and that they had not actually witnessed the riot incidents.

The SIT also found no truth in the following incidents widely publicised by the NGOs:

  • A pregnant Muslim woman Kausar Banu was gangraped by a mob, who then gouged out the foetus with sharp weapons
  • Dumping of dead bodies into a well by rioteers at Naroda Patiya
  • Police botching up investigation into the killing of British nationals, who were on a visit to Gujarat and unfortunately got caught in the riots
  • Rohtagi said: "On a reading of the report, it is clear that horrendous allegations made by the NGOs were false. Stereotyped affidavits were supplied by a social activist and the allegations made in them were found untrue."

    Obviously happy with the fresh findings of the SIT which was responsible for the recent arrests of former Gujarat minister Maya Kodanani and VHP leader Jaideep Patel, Rohtagi tried to spruce up the image of the Modi administration, which was castigated in the Best Bakery case by the apex court as "modern day Neros". He was swiftly told by the Bench that but for the SIT, many more accused, who are freshly added, would not have been brought to book.

    The Bench said there was no room for allegations and counter-allegations at this late stage. "In riot cases, the more the delay, there is likelihood of falsity creeping in. So, there should be a designated court to fast track the trials. Riot cases should be given priority because feelings run high having a cascading effect," it said and asked for suggestions from the Gujarat government, Centre, NGOs and amicus curiae Harish Salve, who said the time had come for the apex court to lift the stay on trials into several post-Godhra riot cases.

    While additional solicitor general Gopal Subramaniam agreed with the court that public prosecutors should be selected in consultation with Raghavan, counsel Indira Jaising said there should be a complete regime for protection of witnesses as the same government, which was accused of engineering the riots, was in power now.

    Salve said that he would consult Raghavan and let the court know about a witness protection system for post-Godhra riot cases. The court asked the parties to submit their suggestions within a week.


    Muslim Criminal Law

    While the sickulars barked everywhere over the wrong means (and we agree that it was wrong) adopted by Sri Ram Sene for opposing alcoholism and moral decadence, I wonder why are they silent over the means of protests adopted by Muslims in Ghaziabad over killing of two criminals.

    Read this news report – Muslims indulge in arson over Police action.

    Muslims beat up cops and burnt down police stations apart from causing widespread damage to public and private properties. Why? Because police has killed two Muslims, who were involved in dacoity and loot. Now police will have to ask the religion of a criminal before taking an action?

    Muslims would now protect their criminals too. This had earlier happened in Jamia Nagar in Delhi area, where local Muslims had openly come out in support of terrorists killed in encounter. They had even attacked journalists who had gone their to report.

    Whether police was wrong or whether the encounter was fake is not the question. We all know that police is high handed in our country, and they have done wrong things. But have people in other parts of the country behaved in this way?

    Let me be blunt. If those killed were Hindus, and if the police was wrong, Hindus would have taken a legal route. They would have gone to courts, media, politicians, and human rights groups to solve a problem.

    But what do Muslims do? They come out of their homes and indulge in arson and loot.

    But sickulas would remain silent.

    Perhaps soon, we will have a Muslim Criminal Law on lines of Muslim Personal Law, where police would be given separate guidelines to deal with Muslim criminals.

    My grievances are more valued than yours

    Some morons associated with the Pink Chaddi campaign (well, I must admit that all of them are not morons, in fact some of them are real good people) are claiming (on the facebook group) that Muslim terrorism is the result of Hindutva. Of course, nothing new, we all have got bored with this idiotic claim by now.

    If Muslim terrorism was a result of Hindutva, then I guess there are supporters of Veer Savarkar active in Israel, Pakistan, Indonesia, London, Madrid, New York, Chechnya, Xinjiang, and all other places bleeding profusely after being maimed by Muslim terrorists. That’s such an achievement for Veer Savarkar, who had targeted just India for acceptance of his ideology!

    After the Mumbai terror attacks, one of the leading sickular ideologues Arundhati Roy had written in a British magazine, claiming that Mumbai attacks must not be seen in isolation and should be linked with Kashmir, Hindutva, Babri Mosque demolition, and general 'atrocities' on Muslims in India.

    She got scot free after writing this article, but BJP leaders are chastised for claiming that there was local support for the terror attacks. Is not Arundhati hinting at a local/domestic involvement when she wrote this article?

    The secular brigade argues that Muslims in India are persecuted and are ill-treated a lot (well, they surely have some genuine grievances and they have every right to speak about them), and one should look into their complaints when dealing with the issue of Islamic terrorism. They ask us to look at the root cause of terrorism.

    Nice. Accepted. One must listen to people who claim they have some grievances, even if they are terrorists.

    But who would listen to Hindus?

    When some Hindu organizations were accused and people like Sadhvi Pragya arrested for terrorist activities, the same secular brigade bayed for her blood. No one cared to listen to her grievances. No trial, no analysis, only verdict – guilty, punish her. Why should the grievances of people like Sadhvi not be listened to?

    Let the seculars also organize some seminar on persecution of Kashmiri pundits, just as they discuss with passion the problems of Palestinian Muslims.

    Let the seculars also discuss and analyze the genocide of Hindus (how Hindu population dwindled alarmingly in Pakistan and Bangladesh) just as they claim Muslims are being massacred.

    Let the seculars also listen to Hindu scholars when they try to explain what some of the misquoted shlokas mean just as they give platform to Mullahs to defend the verses of Quran.

    I don’t know whether Sadhvi is innocent or guilty. But if the Islamic terrorism can inspire seculars to take a look at Mulsim grievances, Sadhvi’s case should inspire them to take a look at the Hindu grievances.

    Sri Ram Sene solemnizes an inter-caste marriage

    While Sri Ram Sene crossed the limits and did a horrible job by beating up women in the pub, they are doing something that would fight the biggest evil of Hinduism – the caste system. In some of the Hindu families, parents feel it ‘dishonorable’ to marry off their daughters to men of so-called lower castes. But thanks to Sri Ram Sene, this has been possible. Kudos to them for doing it and we hope they help more intercaste marriages to take place and remove this curse of casteism from the Hindu society.

    Following is the news report. Such news won’t be reported by the main secular media, so help spread the word.

    Mangalore, Feb 16: A young man and woman from Udupi district got married under the supervision of Sri Rama Sena at Saravu Sri Mahaganapati temple, after the parents of both of them resented their decision and opposed the relationship.

    21-year-old Shobith and Geetha of the same age, entered wedlock in a simple, traditional ceremony in the presence of Sri Rama Sena activists. Shobith belongs to scheduled caste, while the girl is from Vishwakarma community. Shobith is a resident of Paniyur and Geetha, from Mudarangadi in Udupi District.

    "We love each other since the last two and half years", confessed the couple.

    Shobith, a student from Udupi, is studying Bachelor of Computer Applications course, while Geetha works in a private firm.

    "My parents are totally opposed to this marriage. When we approached my parents with the proposal, they registered a complaint against me in the police station. As a result, I was sent to remand home a few years back, “Geetha said.

    Geetha lives in a hostel in Manipal, as she has been expelled from her home. Parents of both the lovers are strongly against this marriage, and Shobith's parents not only dissuaded him from marrying the girl, but also warned him to shelve his plan.

    "We planned to marry on February 14 with the help of Sri Rama Sena, as per their call, but when we contacted them, their leaders were not available. So we decided to marry today," said Shobith.

    "We had two options before us, either marrying each other or committing suicide, but Sri Rama Sena members gave us life," he added.

    "Sri Rama Sena members have assured us of finding out suitable residence and jobs," said Geetha.

    Sri Rama Sena members, who were present there, said that it was not a forcible marriage, and that the couple contacted them with a request to assist them to get married to each other.

    Speak up and Fight

    One of the most often used tools by sickulars to attack Hinduism is to put a question mark on the existence and definition of Hindus. Their agenda is to prove to that Hinduism is the religion of Brahmins only, and all other castes of Hinduism are slaves of Brahmins, who must liberate themselves i.e. leave Hinduism and convert to other religions or just transform into a vibrant Hindu hater.

    This scam was started by Evangelists with the invention of Aryan Invasion Theory, which got some support in Tamilnadu, causing some people to actually believe that South Indians belonged to a different race than North Indians. Evangelists wanted them to believe that the Rakshas (devils) in Ramayan, whom Lord Rama fought to rescue his wife Sita, were actually inhabitants of Tamilnadu, termed as Dravidians. Ramayan was converted into a story, rather myth, of fight between Aryans and Dravidians.

    Evangelists had the state machinery of the British government to support them and a team of committed missionaries to propagate the theory, and it sold like hot cakes. Some people in Tamilnadu even cheerfully accepted Lanka King Ravana as the Dravidian hero, blissfully forgetting that Ravana was referred to as a Brahmin in most of the ancient versions of Ramayana. So even if the Aryan Invasion Theory was correct, Ravana was an Aryan!

    Anyway, the issue is not to find out whom Lord Rama fought in those times, but to find out what the enemy of Hinduism is upto. Here, it would be very helpful to understand how Evangelists succeeded in converting whole of Europe into Christianity...

    Read the full article on the new blog, and please start following and contributing to the new blog

    New Logo

    The Shield

    There are three main missions of “The SHIELD” –

  • To speak up against malicious vilification of Hinduism and Hindu culture, and to expose the coordinated attempts by sickulars (trinity of Evangelists, Jihadis and Communists) to project Hinduism as the root cause of all evils in the Indian society.

  • To act as a pressure group on saffron organizations (mostly referred as Sangh Parivar by the mainstream Indian media) who sometimes unfortunately indulge in disagreeable deeds and acts in the name of Hindu religion and culture.

  • To actively work towards betterment of the Hindu society in particular and Indian society in general, by fighting vices like casteism, crime and corruption and lending a helping hand in humanitarian operations.

  • Hindus must be aware that there is a lobby of Hindu haters strongly active in Indian politics and society. We have to defend ourselves against these elements without becoming paranoid or prisoners or Sangh Parivar.

    People at “The SHIELD” are not allergic to Sangh Parivar, in fact we acknowledge their vital contribution in upholding, promoting and securing Hindu interests, and that’s why only we can act as a pressure group.

    We want to send across a strong message to the saffron organizations – we are not amused by everything you do.

    And we want to send across a stern warning to the Hindu haters and sickulars – don’t push us too far.

    The corresponding blog is hosted at this link.