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One of the most often used tools by sickulars to attack Hinduism is to put a question mark on the existence and definition of Hindus. Their agenda is to prove to that Hinduism is the religion of Brahmins only, and all other castes of Hinduism are slaves of Brahmins, who must liberate themselves i.e. leave Hinduism and convert to other religions or just transform into a vibrant Hindu hater.

This scam was started by Evangelists with the invention of Aryan Invasion Theory, which got some support in Tamilnadu, causing some people to actually believe that South Indians belonged to a different race than North Indians. Evangelists wanted them to believe that the Rakshas (devils) in Ramayan, whom Lord Rama fought to rescue his wife Sita, were actually inhabitants of Tamilnadu, termed as Dravidians. Ramayan was converted into a story, rather myth, of fight between Aryans and Dravidians.

Evangelists had the state machinery of the British government to support them and a team of committed missionaries to propagate the theory, and it sold like hot cakes. Some people in Tamilnadu even cheerfully accepted Lanka King Ravana as the Dravidian hero, blissfully forgetting that Ravana was referred to as a Brahmin in most of the ancient versions of Ramayana. So even if the Aryan Invasion Theory was correct, Ravana was an Aryan!

Anyway, the issue is not to find out whom Lord Rama fought in those times, but to find out what the enemy of Hinduism is upto. Here, it would be very helpful to understand how Evangelists succeeded in converting whole of Europe into Christianity...

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  1. You should read this article


  2. LOL, RSS is feeling the heat now. U dont support Muthalik but support RSS:) U all pull the same cart dear, A cart full of ego, and past pride. Wake up mate, Get A Life! And I am a Hindu, therefore I can use abusive words against u, coz u didnt say anything about Hindus who hate RSS and ur stupid campaign.

  3. LOL.. the Anonymous above has got no words to argue, their pink chaddis are on fire :D

  4. Hi brothers who are proud to be hindus. Plz visit and give publicity to this article

  5. First a person should be a good Human and protest against bad human irrespective of any sex, caste or religion.
    Yes,the religion Hindu have much more tolerance than any other religion at the same time i just ask one question.. how many Hidu really read the 'Dharm Granth" ?
    Some hindu even will not be knowing waht is thier "Dharma Granth" , result they also enjoy the abuse of Hindu religion , but ask any other religion, they will know , specilly thier religious ledger , like koran, bibal and when they object any activity, clearly mentioned , this act is violation of their religious according to thier bibal or koran.
    What i would like to say , the religion Hindu had not taken seriously by thier own memebrs , result the abuse of religion Hindu had became a socail service in this country.
    Hope people will satop that and try to became a good human first , irrespective of any sex, caste or religion.

  6. Maharashtra minister hits tribal woman in Nagpur
    A tribal woman in Nagpur was hit by Maharashtra Tribal Affairs Minister Vijay Vadetivar.

    During an interview in a camp in Chandarpur district, the minister got furious and threw a bundle of files at the woman. The woman immediately lost consciousness and was then admitted in a hospital where she still is.

    Eyewitnesses say that the minister had an argument with the woman who is a district Congress leader.

    No case has been registered against the minister and even the minister has denied the charges.
    where are the PINK chaddi women and PUB bharo campaigners Renuka choudhuri and
    PUB Rights commision chairperson Girija vyas.?

    Let us see if PINK chaddi campaigners start protesting?

  7. And the is the news for all pink chaddiwals:
    Case against Renuka admitted in M'lore court
    The first additional Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) court here on Monday
    admitted a criminal case against Union Minister for Women and Child Welfare
    Renuka Chowdhry.
    The case has been filed by Ganesh Hosabettu, Mayor of Mangalore, and fifteen
    other individuals and organisations alleging that Renuka insulted Mangalore
    by saying in the wake of the Jan 24 pub attack that Mangalore and Dakshina
    Kannada were being 'Talibanised'.
    Court proceedings held that a "private criminal case" against Chowdhry was
    in order under different sections of the Indian Penal Code. The three
    sections of IPC invoked are 153 (a) (statements inciting enmity between
    groups); 153 (b), (assertions prejudicial to national integration) and 505
    (statements "conducive to public mischief"). The Mangalore mayor said
    Chowdhry had accused all Mangaloreans of being violent and had compared them
    with the Taliban.

  8. Why I am pure "Right Wing": http://tinyurl.com/cq59ny

    Am looking to meet up with people who are highly Hindu, hence highly secular.

  9. Guys please spread this message across, I really feel that this is the need of the hour that most people need awareness before it is too late. Kindly see if you can give good exposure to the below mssg from me.

    hmm, according to my little research i have found out that a lot of males (of Hindu community) have started to understand the evil of some muslim fundamentalists (brainwashed by osamas and trained by Pakistani elements) who are hell bent on Islamization of India by terror, some of the christian conversions and provocations (joshua project etc) and the biased english news channels like ndtv, cnn-ibn (for your kindest of info all these channels are funded from foreign business outfits!) which provide one-sided stories to suit their masters. Just becoz the anchors look smart and speak good english doesnt mean that they always tell you the truth! I find that a lot of Hindu girls somehow have been taking all that comes in the media as granted, please for heaven’s sake read both sides of the story and come to a judgement. like you all of us have been and are secular but when there is something fishy going on against the religion, we better be careful in understanding the truth rather than jumping to a conclusion straightaway. there is no smoke without fire. the taliban is just a few kms away and probably you are probably not aware of the thousands of illegal immigrants coming from the bangladeshi side and infiltrating into our otherwise normal secular society. BTW I am no Hindu fanatic as you would like to call but let me tell you we are and always will be good friends of all the secular muslims, christians, sikhs or anyone, yeah even if there is any real trouble, lets show enough faith in our security forces to deal with the problem. We are going to face a testing period in the coming days and we got to remain united against all the conspiracies and direct attacks from the anti-nationalists.

  10. What Next ? If today people are taking the law in hand one of the main reson the corroption in Judicery, police and goverment servants and on that line:
    With the backdrop of a legal tussle over disclosure of assets by Judges, the *Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reform*, is organising a public protest outside the Supreme Court, in a bid for greater transparency and accountability in the judiciary, urging judges to make their assets public and put an end to the embarrassing controversy, which has further put the judiciary's credibility under the scanner. Kindly note, this will be a *silent demonstration* with placards, banners and posters *without any shouting
    of slogans*.

    The public action will be held from *10a.m. - 1:30p.m. on the 26th of
    February, 2009.* You are requested to join us and kindly *assesmble in front of the Indian Law Institute*, Opposite the Supreme Court, Bhagwan Das Road.

    Your presence at this demonstration will greatly contribute towards the purpose and we look forward to seeing you there. Kindly circulate this email to your network of organisations and friends who may be interested in being a part of this pubic action.

    Please do get in touch with us on judicialreforms@ gmail.com or call us on 9958146804.

  11. Must read for people who have kept their eyes closed : http://www.metro.co.uk/news/article.html?in_article_id=38548&in_page_id=34

    Renukaji especially

  12. Nice to know you people :)
    Lets do something constructive ,


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