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The Shield

There are three main missions of “The SHIELD” –

  • To speak up against malicious vilification of Hinduism and Hindu culture, and to expose the coordinated attempts by sickulars (trinity of Evangelists, Jihadis and Communists) to project Hinduism as the root cause of all evils in the Indian society.

  • To act as a pressure group on saffron organizations (mostly referred as Sangh Parivar by the mainstream Indian media) who sometimes unfortunately indulge in disagreeable deeds and acts in the name of Hindu religion and culture.

  • To actively work towards betterment of the Hindu society in particular and Indian society in general, by fighting vices like casteism, crime and corruption and lending a helping hand in humanitarian operations.

  • Hindus must be aware that there is a lobby of Hindu haters strongly active in Indian politics and society. We have to defend ourselves against these elements without becoming paranoid or prisoners or Sangh Parivar.

    People at “The SHIELD” are not allergic to Sangh Parivar, in fact we acknowledge their vital contribution in upholding, promoting and securing Hindu interests, and that’s why only we can act as a pressure group.

    We want to send across a strong message to the saffron organizations – we are not amused by everything you do.

    And we want to send across a stern warning to the Hindu haters and sickulars – don’t push us too far.

    The corresponding blog is hosted at this link.


    1. Jeba Singh EmmanuelFebruary 15, 2009 at 5:25 AM

      You are against.
      1. Vilification of a religion
      2. the idiots who give Hinduism a bad name by hiding behind it for their personal agendas.
      3. (are for) betterment of society by doing good deeds.

      Now it gets interesting. Finally the tempers on both sides have died down and something useful is coming out.
      Kudos and best of luck.
      Btw, I am a Christian and a proud and a patriotic Indian.

    2. "Hindus must be aware that there is a lobby of Hindu haters strongly active in Indian politics and society. We have to defend ourselves against these elements without becoming paranoid or prisoners or Sangh Parivar."

      HA HA HA HA :)

    3. Sri Ram Sena=Shiv Sena=HomoSexuals
      Homosexual Campaign:
      1)keep women locked at homes.
      2)only men allowed at pub,discos.
      3)enjoy watching Men everywhere.

    4. I think u r doina gr8 job by actually not supporting Sri Ram Sena... I agree Hinduism has been vandalised, as of late, by not just organization slike the shri ram sena and some political groups, but also by people who initiated the "pink chaddi campaign". Hinduism was never the issue in that case..It was about women's liberty. I don't know why they dragged in and vandalise such a beautiful religion...

    5. The Ultimate WANNABE Blog!

      You guys are outta jobs. Perfectly understandable. Sympathies.

    6. Dear Campaign Owners,

      Please create a Orkut Group or a Yahoogroup to give a Fresh Start for the Movement and publish that in this Blog.

      The conspiracy against India is much deeper and wide spread.

      It requires coordinated Internet Campaign.

      I have about 15,000 people with me working against the work of anti-nationals towards defaming and degrading India. We have details about the lies propagated by many of these characters and Media houses, which is more than enough to sue them in future.

      So, create an interactive group in Orkut or Yahoogroups and increase online membership. There we can plan, strategize and then finish off our ignorant intolerant enemy.

      You must have email addresses of a lot of people. Send them the invitations to join the Orkut or Yahoogroup.

    7. Hey sumanth, i feel the same like you do. these are my comments.

      Guys please spread this message across, I really feel that this is the need of the hour that most people need awareness before it is too late. Kindly see if you can give good exposure to the below mssg from me.

      hmm, according to my little research i have found out that a lot of males (of Hindu community) have started to understand the evil of some muslim fundamentalists (brainwashed by osamas and trained by Pakistani elements) who are hell bent on Islamization of India by terror, some of the christian conversions and provocations (joshua project etc) and the biased english news channels like ndtv, cnn-ibn (for your kindest of info all these channels are funded from foreign business outfits!) which provide one-sided stories to suit their masters. Just becoz the anchors look smart and speak good english doesnt mean that they always tell you the truth! I find that a lot of Hindu girls somehow have been taking all that comes in the media as granted, please for heaven’s sake read both sides of the story and come to a judgement. like you all of us have been and are secular but when there is something fishy going on against the religion, we better be careful in understanding the truth rather than jumping to a conclusion straightaway. there is no smoke without fire. the taliban is just a few kms away and probably you are probably not aware of the thousands of illegal immigrants coming from the bangladeshi side and infiltrating into our otherwise normal secular society. BTW I am no Hindu fanatic as you would like to call but let me tell you we are and always will be good friends of all the secular muslims, christians, sikhs or anyone, yeah even if there is any real trouble, lets show enough faith in our security forces to deal with the problem. We are going to face a testing period in the coming days and we got to remain united against all the conspiracies and direct attacks from the anti-nationalists.

    8. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first

      comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep

      visiting this blog very often.


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    I know some of you would be abusive, because that's the only language you use for Hindus, but go on, we would not moderate