The Pink Condom Campaign


  1. Awesome!

    I will buy a 10 packets and courier to them. Great campaign! We must hit back those who want to make Indian Women drunkards and increase their sales of liquors! Nisha seems to be trying to increase her visibility using this kind of pornographic campaign! Sick woman!

  2. you are such losers...the pink chaddi campaign has absolutely NOTHING to do with hinduism!!

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  4. Pink chaddi campaign is a response for attacking WOMEN and INDIA's LIBERTY and has got nothing to do with HINDUISM u losers..

    I salute the people who have initiated this campaign.. They have got guts to openly display their addresses and Ph Nos: unlike you losers who r hiding behind bushes and using religion to sell your mindless campaign..

    Jin logone Ladkiyo ko maare the, khud shirt pant pehne aur 'Indian culture' ki baat kar rahe hai.. Itna hi culture bachane ka shouk hai tho pehle khud lungi, Dhoti pehenke ghoomo saalo..

  5. A 'Pink Condom' because condoms r 'SECULAR'....

    Sab ko dikhana hai kya ki tum log itne bade chootiye ho ki tum log secularism ka matlab bhi nahi jante..

  6. Dude wtf? they put a pink panty on top of shri ram's name on their logo! didya miss that? can you fix the logo? put like hmm i donno pink bikini adorned jesus on a cross? or how about one of them danish cartoon mohd with a pink leotard :-)

  7. Mangala Devi Dasi aka Michelle ThorntonFebruary 11, 2009 at 9:09 AM

    I am NOT secular. I am a Hindu. But I was not born in India nor was I born a Hindu. I converted.

    However, I support the pink chaddi campaign because it is a fun, flirty, humorous and peaceful way to protest the attack on legal civil rights in India.

    As I stated in my other comment, alcohol and pubs are LEGAL in Mangalore, so unless the women and men drinking in that pub were under the legal drinking age for India, they were not doing anything illegal and hence I don't understand what the Sri Rama Sena have against it.

    Laws must be followed.

    But, to be fair, I also support the pink condom campaign because it is also a fun, flirty, peaceful and playful protest. Plus, Indians need to use more condoms because India is number 2 in the world now for AIDS, right behind Africa, and India's population exceeds 1 billion, so the condom campaign is a good idea.

    So, there you have it, I am a non-secular, practicing Hindu convert who DOES NOT go to pubs or drink or party, but I do follow the laws of India when I am there and I don't break them. Therefore I support (both) the pink campaigns for defending legal civil rights of Indian citizens.

    As an firangi who frequently visits India for spiritual/religious reasons, I would hate to see India turn into another Afghanistan.

    Mother India is beautiful BECAUSE it allows for so much freedom and difference amongst her children.

    Please don't ruin that.

    You can be a religious teetotaller without being an unhappy fanatic.

    And you can also be a religious person while at the same time defending the rights of women (and men) to do what they want as long as it is within the confines of the law.

    As far as I am aware, the women (and men) at the pub were not doing anything illegal, were they?

  8. Sensible man: Hey, what purpose does this blog solve?
    PinkCondomBlogger: -cries- They abused us Hindus.
    SM: Hey, but they didn't!
    PCG: They did. Even if they didn't, I like my religion so much that I'll imagine insults and fight for it!
    SM: Doesn't that make you a retard?
    PCG: You just abused Hinduism! Prepare to be attacked by people like myself, who're the protectors of Hinduism!
    SM: ?#$&@#&@#?

  9. For Sudhir,
    Dont you think the Pink Chaddhi Campaigners are indecent bringing out panties ? Are not they supporting loose women, alcohol ? Are not there better ways to protest than women's panties, that too used panties ? What does that mean ? Are you a pervert ?

  10. Mangala Devi Dasi aka Michelle ThorntonFebruary 11, 2009 at 10:04 AM


    Namaste. Hare Krishna.

    I think the whole point of pink chaddis is that it will be seen as a bold measure for Indian women to send intimate wear to a man and that gets their point across.

    The point being; we will not be SHAMED into conforming to your limited views of how a woman should behave.

    I mean, if the men are so bold as to enter into a legal establishment such as the Insomnia Pub, and ask grown, adult, paying customers to leave, just because they are women, then by all means they should be able to handle getting underwear in the mail, don't you think?

    What is indecent is not pink chaddis. The indecency lies in ordinary men who think it is within their legal rights to harrass grown adult paying customers in a legal establishment.

    This is both a womens' issue as well as a wider civil rights' issue.

    The pink chaddis serve to make heard the voice of India's youth and women, but in a peaceful and humorous way. A way that is at once non-violent yet provactive according to the repressed values that the Sri Rama Sena represent. (repressed in the sense that I just read they are opposed to Valentine's Day and couples holding hands on dates!!! heck, they are probably even opposed to dating, so yeah, I would call that repressed).

    Anyway, I would not say sending pink chaddis is perverted. I would say it is fun, light-hearted, flirty, playful and provocative. Everything these Sri Rama Sena dudes are not, and everything they don't want women to be.

    It's a statement.

    I'm thinking about sending in a pair myself but I'm all the way on the other side of the world and I only have one pair of pink chaddis and they happen to be a favorite pair of mine so no, I won't be handing something priya over to the Sri Rama Sena.

    But a pink bra.... that I might send.

    Hare Krishna.

  11. Mangla Devi, Namastey, Hare Krishna,

    Many people might think shitting in the street a bold statement, a fun way of protesting, unfortunately, it is not. Collecting used panties and sending to some one to register protest may be bold, fun way, but few things are not done in public. After all there is some difference between animals and human being!

    Civil Rights does not allow you walk in the middle of street. Freedom of speech does not allow you write pornography on the walls. Freedom of speech does not mean attack a particular religion.

    I hope you understand that.

    Hare Krishna. Namastey


  13. Namaskar Anonomous ji.

    Shitting in the streets and especially on the train tracks was a common site for me to see in India. Really, such behaviour does not shock me. Obviously those who are doing it have no toilet in their homes so where else will they go? And you will call them animals because they are poor?

    Again, the pink chaddi thing is a cute and novel idea. Perhaps for India it would be "shocking" and that is the point. They want to prove to the old man and his goons that what they think is "shocking" behaviour for women, really, is just fun, youthful behaviour.

    But the ironic thing is that the truly uncivilized behaviour is walking into a legally established business and harrassing the legal, paying customers.

    Like I said, I am not a drinker or a pub goer but I can't imagine such a thing is taking place in the year 2009. The last time I was in India was 2006 and I hear so much now on the news and web about "India Shining" and how much it's progressing, etc. So to hear that India still has such a law and order problem, I'm shocked. But maybe I should not be. Maybe India isn't changing at all.

    40 years ago back in the 1960s American feminists burned bras in public, so for me, as an American, some women discreetly wrapping up underwear in the mail and sending it to some dude as a social/political/cultural statement is not a big deal. It's not shocking to me.

    But I guess I can understand why it would be for you. However don't you think the more shocking thing is that grown up customers in a legally established business were asked to leave that business by outsiders??? What to speak of being harrassed and abused by them?

    Don't you think that's more shocking and uncivilized than sending some soft, silky, pretty, pink undies to a dude in the mail?

    Hare Krishna.

  14. people thinking that this blog is in support for SRS, should read it again, THIS BLOG DOESN NOT SUPPORT SRS for their Managalore incident. It is to oppose the Pink Chaddi walas who went all over Media accusing RSS and Hinduism for whatever happened, even as RSS FAVORED A BAN ON SRS

  15. Guys,

    Let me give you some special intelligence reports on "Radical Feminists" and Renuka Choudhury.

    1) They hate India and Indian culture.

    2) Since many years, they have planted complete false statistics about abuse of women in India to defame and degrade India.

    We have done research on these bitches for last 4 years. We have 20,000 followers all over Indian and world.

    3) These Radical Feminists are funded by foreign intelligence agencies to break Indian family system by planting false statistics in biased Media.

    4) Even Indian media get money to spread lies.

    5) Here are sample of lies:

    a) Bangalore is Bride Burning Capital with 1100 brides burnt.

    Truth is: Not even 25 such deaths happen in whole Karnataka in a year.

    b) 25,000 women are killed for dowry and domestic violence.

    Truth: The actual figure is 1830. In fact, Indian women are 2 times safer than American women in Homes. The chances of american woman getting murdered by husband/bf is 2 times more than Indian woman.

    To break the society, they have to degrade India and Indian family system.

    They have used every possible means from media to curriculum to create gender hatred in India.

    Sonia and Renuka are trying to create "Gender Vote Banks", ie women vote banks.

    After these morons divided the country on basis of Religion and caste, now they are dividing people on basis of gender violating constitution.

    Congress Govt is Biggest Oppressor of Women

    Without any investigation or Evidence, the Congress Govt has arrested more than 1,23,000 women under section 498a of IPC and most of them were sent to jail after being abused, insulted, called prostitutes and extorted in police stations.

    This is the worst form of atrocity against women in India. Even President Pratibha Patil has come out against such mindless jailing of innocent people.

    Guys, the country is in grave danger. Not just from Terrorists, but from the 1% internal enemy, which is continuing its anti-India campaigns using media, lies, propaganda with funds from UN and western agencies.

    Contact me at: sumanth(dot)sif(at)gmail(dot)com

    More details at:

    Save Indian Family Foundation


    Save Family.org


  16. Guys, we have got tonnes of material on Renuka Choudhury, and her anti-national work since a long time.

    Please use Renuka Brand Condoms for this Campaign.


    She and her brand of Radical Feminazis are inspired by such Feminazis in US and Europe, who have screwed up the entire family system there.

    Today, for every 5 marriages registered, 2 divorces are getting filed in Mumbai, because of anti-family campaigns and gender hate propagated by Feminazis.

    Please use www.google.com/blogsearch to search for all those morons who are brainwashed by "Pink Chaddi" campaign and publicise this "Pink Condom" campaign.

    Let the war begin.

    Either you are a Commando or you are a Traitor.

    These anti-national criminals have to be shown their place.

    I am not a religious fanatic. I and my fellow commandos have dug out all the details of how these traitors are harming the society.

  17. Sumanth, why can't the pink chaddi and the pink condom campaigns WORK TOGETHER?

    Afterall, pink condom walla already stated that he does not support the actions of Sri Rama Sena. Neither does pink chaddi walla.

    Therefore they have common ground.

    Also, I think it's important that practicing and religious Hindus like myself and Pink Condom Walla speak out about the corrupting forces of people like the Sri Rama Sena.

    Why should we let Hinduism get represented by sexually repressed, violent fanatics?

    We need to show the world that Hinduism is a culture that celebrates love, romance, healthy and conscious sexuality, practices like Tantric Sex, and the respect, adoration and worship of women and womens' sexuality.

    Therefore, I say Hindus like Pink Condom Walla should unite forces with Pink Chaddi Walla and the world will then see another side of Hinduism from what these crazy-ass fools like Sri Rama Sena are showing them.

    As a practicing Hindu AND a feminist woman, I refuse to allow my religion to be hijacked by frustrated old men and their frustrated young gunda sycophants.

    Let's take Hinduism back!

  18. The Pink Chaddi campaign is nothing but a political campaign, the defamatory attack on prestigious Hindu organizations like the RSS prove the anti BJP orientation of Nisha Susan et al, the Tehelka brains.
    Therefore, I fully support the Pink Condom campaign

  19. Namashkar Mangla ji,

    My point is not about insulting poor for shitting on railway tracks., my point is will they ( Nisha and Team) start shitting on the street to be innovative in opposing something they dont believe in just to prove their point ? If they can use Used Panties of Women, logically they might resort to Shitting in the streets too.

    I never ever supported beating of any one, male or female. And this has nothing to do with Religion. I am against "Chaddhi Campaign", whatever may be the reason. Panties are undergarments, should be kept as undergarments only. It should be brought to drawing rooms.

    Hope I am making myself clear.
    Hare Krishna

  20. Great work! We need more and more such people to counter the attack of west on Indian society. The west is trying to disintegrate the Indian society and family just like they have done to themselves.

    I certainly will send a pack of condoms to Nisha Rand.

  21. I support these people and I won't be anonymous. I totally agree with them and disagree with people who have initiated cheap campaign of pink chaddi.

    I can be reached at following-
    #38, Lake Dew Residency, Haralur, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore-34

    Mail me at

  22. But by sending a pack of condoms to a woman, won't you be disintegrating the Indian society and family? You seem to be confused.

    This word "rand" is interesting. My first introduction to it was as "widow" for the translation into English. But one day, while on pilgrimage in a sacred holy place, I was called "rand" by a local Rinku or Raju.

    I thought, "that is strange. I'm not a widow, nor am I dressed like one".

    Later I found out that "rand" also means "prostitute".

    I found that interesting that Indian men would conflate widowhood with prostitution.

    Ever seen the movie "Water"?

    Anyway, the West is not corrupting India. India is doing a good job of that on it's own.
    Especially when Indian men shout out "rand" to foreign women in the street who are there for religious purposes.

    To the other Anonymousji,

    There was a protest in Northeast India staged by women against the rapes of the Indian army upon the local females. They protested naked. They were making a statement, " you want me naked? Take me now, in front of all these thousands of people and the media".

    See, protests are meant to make a point.

    Muthalik and the Sri Rama Sena are into "culture" and all that, right?

    They were brought up to believe that youth and especially young women need to respect older men and obey them. So buy sending dirty chaddis, the women are saying, "f*ck you and your patriarchal mindset. We don't need to respect or obey you. You are not superior to us". They are making a point by using an object which the Sri Rama Sena would find offensive - ladies underwear.

    You don't get it?

    I get it.

    Here in USA it wouldn't make much of a statement but in a country/culture like India, and with men like Muthalik and the Sri Rama Sena, it will make a statement.

    And like I said before, part of the point is to be FUNNY. I mean, imagine that old, pent-up, serious Muthalik surrounded by womens underwear! Hilarious darshan.

    And he also might get sexually aroused by it.
    Surely the younger men of the Sri Rama Sena will.

    So the underwear is sending so many messages about today's Indian youth; their humor, their irreverence, their sexuality, their confidence, etc, etc, etc.

    I think it's cute.

  23. I would like to have another option of sending the chaddi walas pictures of condoms(like they have come up with pictures of chaddis), I would think that this option would help those guys who do not wanna spend too much to react to these guys

  24. Mangla shut the fuck up you anti-Hindu son of a bitch bastard prostitute.

    I hope you get liver damage you motherfucker.

  25. Mangla how about you send me a pair of your dirty panties, and send your mum and sisters as well you raandi.

    I hope Nisha Susan can send me a pair of hers as well. The disgusting feminist slut is a promoter of alcoholism.

  26. @mangala

    Sri Rama Sena is not finding it offensive. He is instead sending them sarees as a return gift. He is ready for a debate, why dont these women just show how much he is a loser. If patriarchy is a problem, then why not raise your voice against Muslim societies and try a burn the burqah campaign. But they wont, because doing that will get their hands smashed and their heads bashed. Rand is more of a slang-word which is hurled by some uncultured testosterone driven men at any attractive female (behind their backs). Probably, they thought you being white will not understand. Moreover, their only intercourse to Western culture is through porn movies.

  27. Anomynous, why dont you shut the fuck up. Request moderator to delete the comments. With Hindus like you, who need enemies

  28. The North East is responsible for all its problems. After being seduced by Baptist Missionaries, it has become a haven of terrorism, HIV and hell

    How can you blame the army

  29. Azygos

    I'm not blaming the army.

    I'm just reiterating here what I read in the newspapers when I was in India.

    You will have to ask the Northeast women who protested against the rapes why they are blaming army men. Only they know who raped them.

    Personally I don't think any type of debate would amount to anything with Muthalik. Have you seen him on TV? The way he talks?

    Not much of a debater.

    Plus, I don't think there is anything to debate.

    His boys attacked women, in protest many youths and women are sending him pretty pink chaddis.

    Where's the debate?

    Debate over what?

  30. @Mangala

    The Anonymousji's here refuse to see the point in your crystal clear arguments. These are not guys you can reason with (notice how he equated 'shitting on the streets' with being animal-like, and when you pointed it out, he dismissed it casually). These are guys who will happily walk into a pub themselves and drag out women, and feel up a couple of them while at it. I know these types. Sexually frustrated, extremely chauvnistic and lonely on saturday nights. They are my neighbours, my colleagues, my employees. You're wasting your breath talking to them. Ummm...actually on second thoughts you're not. The lucidity of your arguments and your prose are a joy to behold. Hopefully, at least some of the misguided guys here would see reason, thanks to you! p.s. And sorry about those guys calling you a 'rand' while you were a guest to our country. Please accept my apologies. *hugs*

  31. Aditya,

    What about the women in Patiala last year, getting drunk parading nude in broad daylight ?

    You support that ? and oppose people who try to get indian women getting drunk and be popular nude on websites ?

    Wish, your sisters get drunk once!! You see all reasons. you are intelligent but then you just see your reasons, other people reasons are no reason! Dont waste time here dude, go and collect panties from ur mothers and sisters. What a forwardness!

  32. Thankyou Aditya.

    I don't pay attention to commenters once they start using obscene language. It prooves that they are low class with no culture, nothing more.

    From my experience in India there is a big divide between the ego and the id, if I am to use some old school pyscho-analytical terminology.

    People want one thing, but they are being restricted by "society" to want something else.

    This creates a big divide in the psyche, both individually and collectively.

    I have also experienced that in my own life so I know what it's like.

    At some point we have to find a balance if we are to be healthy and functional human beings.

  33. In the USA there is a system for people who "party".


    Let's say 5 friends are going out to a club on Friday night to drink and dance. One of the five will be selected to stay sober that night so that he/she will be the "designated driver" and he/she will keep on eye on his/her friends who are drinking, to ensure that they are safe.

    So, my suggestions to people like the Patiala girls would be to "drink responsibly" as we say here in USA.

    That means, if you are going out alone, only drink to the limit that you know will not impair your judgement.

    If you are going out with a group of friends, designate a sober driver, one of the group who will not get drunk that night and will keep eye on the rest of you.

    This will cut down on drunk driving accidents and also on embarrassing moments like your clothes falling off.

    But the thing is, if your sister or mother gets drunk once or twice in her life, really, it's not the end of the world.

    Really, it's not.

  34. @Mangala : I don't pay attention to commenters once they start using obscene language.

    Good idea, they should be ignored.

    But I'm glad they expose their real selves for others to see.

    While expressing their concern for women, they talk so abusively about sisters and mothers that it's clear that THESE are the very guys who will molest women if they had the opportunity.

    The only difference between Muthalik's thugs and these guys are that the former spew dirt at public rallies, while the latter do it online. :) I'm enjoying helping these hypocrites expose themselves.

  35. Mangala, Namashkar Again,

    Have you heard about snowball ?

    A person gets drunk once, huh, this is not he end of the world! Then s/he gets drunk again, then again, then again!

    I have been drinking for last 20 years, trust me, drinking is a bad habit, never encourage people to drink.

  36. I've drunk before.

    It never affected me negatively because I never let it.

    I drank in moderation like a responsible, level headed person.

    I don't drink now coz I don't like the taste.

    If it tasted good then I might.

    Really. Drinking alcohol is like sugar. Too much is bad for you.

    But every once in a while, like having a glass of wine once or twice a month - it's harmless.

    I've seen my mother a little bit drunk before.

    So what?

    It was New Year's Eve and she was at home with friends.

    It wasn't the end of the world.

    What are these guys scared of? That their moms are going to become alcoholics if they drink one glass of beer or wine?


    Waiting to see your blog on "real man".

  37. @Mangala : Waiting to see your blog on "real man"

    *puzzled look*
    Would you please elaborate?

  38. Aditya, isn't that what your blog says? But there are no posts there. Start writing!

    Hey, as long as we are all on the topic of intoxicants, how do the readers here feel about ganja?

    Everywhere you go in India you can find some "sadhu" toking.

    I know some college kids also toke.

    What about regular, working moms and dads.

    Do your moms ever use ganja either in cooking or in smoking to relieve PMS or headaches or stress?

    Ganja is used in the USA for cancer patients.

    Some women also use it for PMS and other body aches and pains, as well as a stress reliever.

    Of course their are people who smoke it just to get high too.

    It doesn't make one violent like alcohol can. Alcohol seems to make people "low" while ganja makes them "high".

    I'm just wondering what y'all think about it here.

  39. Mangla,
    No intoxicant is good except during surgery. Sooner you stop them, better it is.

  40. But doesn't ayurveda recommend ganja as a medicine?

  41. @mangla

    Only they know who raped them.

    ->> Or was it a case of defamation

    "drink responsibly" as we say here in USA.

    ->> People drink to get drunk and be loose, the taste is always secondary. Women drink to lose their natural sexual inhibitions (biological instincts, if not social conditioning)
    ->> Do you mean to say you dont have drunken car crashes.
    ->> You dont have police patrolling on the roads just to keep drunk driving in check
    ->> How many cases of alcoholism are registered in your general hospitals
    ->> Why is alcohol the most common cause of cirrhosis in USA (not in India yet)
    ->> How many homes have been broken by alcohol

    ->> The ego and Id differentiation exists in every culture. You have the largest number of divorces, drugs, depression and suicides despite an incredible standard of living.

    hat their moms are going to become alcoholics if they drink one glass of beer or wine

    ->> You set a bad example for your children....If mother drinks, child will...If he becomes a addict, the mother should take some responsibility. That is the Indian way of thinking (at least used to be before this cultural invasion)

  42. >> @Azygos: Sri Rama Sena...is ready
    >> for a debate, why dont these women
    >> just show how much he is a loser.

    Why didn't he offer this debate BEFORE physically assaulting the women?

    The reason he's offering the debate NOW is because the PinkChaddi strategy is working.

    And what is the strategy? It's the strategy of Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin had remarked that the best way to counter a bully is not to fight him (after all, a FIGHT is what he wants) but to make fun of him.

    And that's what the pink chaddi campaign is doing. By making fun of Muthalik, women are telling him that he doesn't scare them.

    Suddenly he has become the laughing stock rather than a serious political contender (and that is what is upsetting several of the Anonymousji's in this forum).

    >> @Azygos: why not raise your voice against
    >> Muslim societies and try a burn the burqah
    >> campaign. But they wont, because doing that
    >> will get their hands smashed and their
    >> heads bashed.

    Why aren't muslim women protesting the Burkhah?

    If they do, I'm sure women from all over India will back them up. But if muslim women themselves have no complaints why should non-muslim women 'burn the burqah'. Wouldn't that be like poking your nose in others' affairs?

    Please understand. When a group of highly educated women call themselves 'Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women' and when they're immediately supported by intelligent women from around the world, many of whom never go to pubs or even drink (like Mangala in this forum)...what does that mean?

    That means, they're making a STATEMENT.

    They're saying :

    1. Who the f**k are you to tell us what a woman can and cannot do? This is a free country.

    2. Women don't just drink alcohol in pubs, so many women pick fruit juices and mocktails.

    3. Today you tell us not to go to pubs and 'stay at home making chapatis' (actual statement from a senior functionary of Ram sene). Tomorrow you'll say we can't go to work. Then, no school. Then, jump into Sati?

    4. If you think drinking alcohol is bad, lobby for banning alcohol. Who the f**k are you to decide that men can drink but women cannot?

    5. You're not fooling us, we know this is an election stunt you've chosen. But you idiots, at least choose an issue that is far more important in India today. Like terrorism and corruption, to name just two.

  43. @mangla : But there are no posts there. Start writing!

    I had totally forgotten about the blog! But how did you figure it out? Tell me...please pretty please!

  44. Azygos,

    Regarding the drunk driving accidents in USA. Yes, of course they happen. That is why people have become very cautious and the culture of designated drivers and the like was introduced.

    You see, unlike alot of Indians that I have met, I am able to recognize the problems in my country. The first step to changing a problem is to recognize there is a problem.

    There is a problem with alcoholism in USA. I don't deny that. However, not everyone who drinks gets drunk or turns into an alcoholic.

    I don't agree with you that everyone drinks to get drunk and the taste is secondary. Perhpas wine and cheese tasting parties have not been introduced in India yet, but there is a whole culture behind the culitivation and taste of wine.

    In USA, many families drink wine with their dinner. The whole family (provided the kids are of legal age). They are not looking to get drunk.

    Personally I don't see the big deal with women and men gathering in pubs after work for a martini or a glass of wine.

    Getting drunk and beating up people? Yeah, that's a problem.

    It would probably be better if they introduced ganja bars like they have in Amsterdam where people can go and toke and chill out.

    Ganja does not make people aggressive like alcohol.

    I'm not into any of this stuff but alot of people find it relaxes them after a long hard day at work, so whatever.

    Now please don't tell me that ganja is not part of Indian culture but was imported from the Big Evil West!

    The diagnosis of "depression" in USA has gotten out of hand. Feeling sad is a normal part of being human. Over here they want to lable anyone experiencing a normal level of meloncholy as "depressed" so they can put us on prescription drugs. It's a HUGE business.

    I don't buy into any of it. I don't even watch TV for all these reasons. But I don't tell other people that they should not watch TV. It is their choice.

    As far as divorce, I don't think there is anything wrong with it, especially when there are no children.

    Rather than getting married and getting divorced, I don't know why people bother getting married in the first place.

    I mean, there are so many orphaned children to be adopted, why have your own?

    It seems selfish to me.

  45. >> @Aditya: But how did you figure it out?
    >> Tell me...please pretty please!

    Ok, you just clicked on my ID...I'm feeling a little stupid right now.
    For a moment there I thought you're some kind of internet genius!

  46. To anybody who thinks alcohol is a 'western' import, please know that Indians have been consuming alcohol since ancient times.

    Even Sita (yes, Rama's wife SITA) was known to have a drink or two. Check out this link...

    Of course, all mawaali Hindus will now rise up and denounce the scholar who researched the ancient texts and who is interviewed in the above article.

    But the same 'mawaali Hindus' will be mum about how Ram's father had 3 wives which is only allowed in Islam, or how Draupadi had 5 husbands which is not allowed in 'Hinduism'

  47. 'Mawaali Hindus' = Hindus who use mawaali tactics to enforce their fu**ed up viewpoints

  48. Actually Aditya, I once saw a documentary that showed a South Indian tribe wherein the women practiced polyandry. Each husband had his own hut and the wife rotated monthly living in those huts. That way paternity was always known.

    So even now, these things are going on in India.

    Somehow they need to be introduced to the modern, educated, middle classes.

    Of course, personally I don't know if having more than one Indian husband would be a blessing or a curse!


  49. what idiocy is this? aren't you people Indians and Humans before being Hindus. Get some perspective and dimension to your way too narrow outlook.

  50. Hi Mangla,
    Dont worry much about problems in India.

    Sending Panties to SRS is neither an understanding of the porblem, nor a solution, rather I would say its cheap way of getting publicity and it is counterproductive, like this blog.

    Drinking is not good, period. Try to discourage it. The negative of drinking is more than positive of it. So, try to stop drinking and try to stop women from drinking too.

  51. Mangla,
    Don't worry about polyandry in India. The balance of India for last 5000 years is positive. USA does not have a building which is more than 500 years old!
    India survived 5000 years without attacking any other country, it will survive another 5000 years. Worry about US, your country, will it survive another 50 years ?

  52. abe sur ke bachoon, tumhe kisne thekedar banaya he hindu dharam ka, kya tum apni biwi se sex nahi karte ya uske saath nahi ghumte ya tumhari behne apne pati ke saath sex nahi karti...abe chutio, unhe condom do...sale tum jaiso ke 4- 5 bache to hote hi hein.sale desh ki population barhate ho.............
    salo tumhare jaise logon ke paas koi kam nahi hein.,isliye idhar udhar muh marte rehte ho.....sudhar jaoo behenc..., nahi to agar youth jaag gaya to tum jaise netaoo ki maa c...d dega...........
    tum jaise logo mein se jyadatar khud pata nahi kitni daru pite hein aur ayiyashiyaan karte hein par camera ke samane hero bante hein...........
    you all should be fuc..d in public.........
    sudhar jaooo

  53. I couldn't care less if USA or any country survived another 50 years.

    I probably won't survive 50 years!

  54. >> @Mangala : Personally I don't know
    >> if having more than one Indian husband
    >> would be a blessing or a curse!

    Ha, ha, ha...
    It's a blessing, try us. If you marry Azygos, Anonymousji and Aditya (3 A's interesting) we will love and take care of you, as you rotate between our huts monthly.

  55. >> @ Anonymous: India survived 5000 years
    >> without attacking any other country, it
    >> will survive another 5000 years.

    I'm not sure of that Anonymous.

    India was a large country...then parts of it got taken away, bit by bit by bit....because we did not have the balls to fight back.

    Unless we make terrorism the main issue, and not women going to pubs, we are going to be wiped out.

    Thankfully, most Indians have their priorities right.

  56. Aditya, I could be old enough to be your mother, forget the rotating hut scenario!

  57. >> @ Anonymous said...
    >> abe sur ke bachoon, tumhe kisne thekedar
    >> banaya he hindu dharam ka...

    This post is directed at people opposing the pinkchaddi campaign. And I agree with every word in the post, except the obscenities.

  58. >> @Mangala : Aditya, I could be old enough
    >> to be your mother, forget the rotating
    >> hut scenario!

    Then you could love and take care of us, as you rotate between our huts monthly. ;)

  59. Translation please, my hindi is bad. Unless it's saying baniyans are the protector of Hindu Dharma. LOL!

    At which I will reply, no, it's chaddis that are Hindu Stri Dharma Raksha.

  60. I'm monogamous at heart.

    No rotation for me. I'm a sati/savitri Bharatiya Nari in pink chaddis.

  61. People have said enough already...

    You are one idiot to believe that Pink Chaddi campaign is against Hinduism. It is against those sicko Raam Sene mofos.

    Can't people even understand simple english!

  62. @Aditya,
    Dont worry! It will, because we dont have many men liking ideas of sending chaddis to mark a protest.

    "Thankfully, most Indians have their priorities right."
    I will add to that

    Thankfully, most Indian Women have their priorities right.

  63. Two simple questions to the pink condom campaign guys:
    a. Did you think that the beating up of women in the pub was justified ?

    b. If you did not think it was justified, how did you protest ?


  64. No Quiz-Master, people can not understand simple english.

    Is that why you sending pink panties ? Was not a "simple I protest" was enough ?

    What was RSS picture doing in Pink Chaddhi blog ? With staunch opposition from us only made them remove that image, are you stupid enough not to know that ?

  65. >> @Anonymous : Mangla, worry about US,
    >> your country, will it survive another
    >> 50 years ?

    Yes, the US will survive, for longer than ANY other country. You know why?

    Because the US is a land of immigrants. The best, most creative, most intelligent immigrants from around the world come to the US.

    And you know why they come to the US and not to Saudi Arabia even though the latter offers higher salaries?

    Because of the F R E E D O M to do whatever you want.

    No Muthaliks and Shahabuddins to tell them what to do and what not to do.

    It is this FREE environment that attracts the best minds in the world including our top-ranking IITians.

    And as long as they offer this freedom, the best in the world will keep coming to the US and it will remain the world's leader (it may have stupid presidents, but hey that's another thread).

  66. >> @Mangala : I'm a sati/savitri Bharatiya
    >> Nari in pink chaddis.

    You haven't sent your chaddis yet?!
    *eyes rolling*

  67. I just want to say all the guys and groups.... are you finished with your own task. Will you be really happy to see India becoming Taliban.
    Who the hell has said you to make India for Locals. Our country its working style and every other thing is becoming global, so why should we stuck to the basic old tradition..
    if you really have balls then Go and shutdown those companies who hire ladies. Man come on, If girls will work as equal as men then they definitely need the same thing which men need. Why you people don't understand the basic law of nature... why are you stuck with the same laws which were made by people when ladies used to be at home... Those laws were not made by Sri Ram. but by some scholars like us. Why do you people behave like illiterate ?
    why don't you see the changing India , its economy and its attitude is becoming global. if u seriously have balls why don't you enter in a big profile party and touch a woman. I bet you would be thrown out from there in number of pieces.
    And a last question those who claim to be Hindu. Did Sri Ram used to beat woman , if not then from which law of hinduism u are taught to beat woman or helpless people. you are certainly out of Hindu community. so don't even say that you are protecting India's culture.you are making this place unfavorable. and frankly those kids who are growing up watching hollywood movies would certainly love to settle abroad after seeing these pathetic people here.

  68. I'm sending them to you, priye.

  69. @Aditya,
    India is much freer than USA!

    I doubt if US can survive another 50 years.

    1. They have made a Frankenstein, the Taliban. make no mistake, Afganistan is the land where war is going on for last 2500 years.

    2. Their electronic warfare systems are too much defendant on Isreal.

    3. Very soon, they will not have any manufacturing on their own!

    4. Indians are very tolerant, a key to survival in times of crisis. Americans are aggressive, and will kill each other in the times of crisis.

  70. and let me ask you something , why your all campaign , groups and others come out on the cost of NORMAL INDIAN PEOPLE who loves to live freely away from the dirty people like you. Why do you stick to them.
    had u been to buy bangles when Mumbai was attacked. or where were you when hindus were cut during riots. or what you guys are doing to protect the UP state knowing that its full of corruption. or have you ever-ever think about INDIAN people or about their basic needs. Had you given any helping hand to people in BIHAR SUFFERING FORM FLOOD DISASTER. you guys are just disturbing elements who love to waste their time and to destroy nation's pride.

    And Let me tell you, those guys who are supporting you here have th similar mindset like you. who loves to beat their woman at home everyday. you are not different from them. and if you have really any shame left then please shut down THIS WEBSITE


  72. @Phule,
    We may not be doing anything! Doing nothing is at least better than throwing Panties for protest!

    Save us from Chaddhi Throwing Lady Talibans.

    Shutdown that pink chaddhi first. Else you join those Lady Talibans wearing a panty, pink panty.

  73. >> @Mangala said :
    >> I'm sending them to you, priye.

    Only if they're sweet and sexy (send thru my email on my blog). But if they're big and baggy *ewwww* please send them to Muthalik!

  74. You losers !!! You call yourself guardian of Hindu culture.

    You bastards.

    "Beating girls"... is this what you call Hindu culture.

    I am a Hindu and i know what does Hinduism mean.

    Who gave you right to represent us.

    You are just like pigs, who want to spread mud all over the country and cover it with religious sheet.

    May Hindu Goddess punish you well.

    Learn to respect your mother, your sister.


  75. @ aditya.....

    so i wannna make clear sumthing for u...
    buddy why u guyz think tht this pink chaddi campion is againest hindusium..
    dude these women r fighting against those who did watever in manglore. ( i hope u knw everything wat they did )they r fighting for theirs right. i also support the indian culter from depth of my heart.
    as u knw man many of our famous ancint kings had love marriges for example the gr8 king (sorry i forget this gr8 king's name)had a love marrige wid SKUNTLA whose son was KING BHARAT n as we knw jin k naam pr aj hmare desh ka naam BHARAT h.
    so my frnd love marriges are not a crime. n kya hua agr koi ladka apni gf k sath ghumta h in sb k bich hindusim kahan se bich me aa gya.n wheather i knw my frnd hindisum is alwayz support to freedom.
    n buddy not only u infact everybuddy have respect in their heart for every religion.
    so plz man stop this fighting at the name of religion.
    n haan if u really wanna do sumthing for ur country n hindisum den plz buddy go n help the poor people jinki hamare desh me kami nhi h.
    n if still u think tht these women r doing sumthing against hindisum..then buddy i can only pray for u n my pitty n my sympthy is with u..
    n haan ab india ka youth itna bevakkof n nasmjh nhi ki tum jese unidentified loge k pichhe ho jaye.jinki koi pahchan bhi nhi hai.
    n buddy i sulet these brave galz n ladies who put their no. n address here.
    so if u r real protector of hindisum den do it man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!be brave
    GOD BLESS YOU DEAR not only u aditya i mean all of you..

  76. Thats great!!!, You should go head for some more compain against them, u will received a billions support in favor...
    Great Good Job, (Tit for Tat)

  77. some illiterate idiots think this website is supporting mangalore attack


  78. Hello to all those hell hanged foreigners Hindu hatreds Indian hatreds and mother sellers and mother fuckers because you don't believe who has fathered you as your mother may be multi cultured, colored, tited, poked, multi handled and thrown back to India.

  79. >> @Anonymous :
    >> Save us from Chaddhi Throwing Lady Talibans

    Save "us"?
    Are you from the Sri Ram Sene, Anonymous?

  80. You know who is bastered, " Who don't beleived in their origin or their customs and their religion...
    So you all guys are bastered who don't know how to defend origins...

  81. saale sickulars haar rahe hain.. more and more people are supporting pink condoms

  82. >> @iwan said...
    >> so i wannna make clear sumthing for u...
    >> buddy why u guyz think tht this pink
    >> chaddi campion is againest hindusium..

    Just to clear up the confusion...I SUPPORT THE PINK CHADDI campaign. I have sent 2 pink chaddis already! And I also support the pink condom campaign if they are against Shri Ram Sene. And if they plan to organize condom sending, I will send a whole pack. :)

  83. yes its against radical feminists you adi adnadi, do you know what does it means you walk all the way here on chaddi and condoms out of which one may not be available

  84. @Kunal

    Do you respect your mom and sister ?
    Have you seen the pictures of Patiala Girls after drunk ?

    Man, save them from those kind of situation. Thats what respect about women! Making them drunk and undress in public is not respecting them.

  85. yes such women are called adnadi

  86. @@@ aditya

    well man itzz gr8 if u support this pink chaddi campaion ..
    man so plz stop giving comment to this MANGLA wheather i think u r a good guy.. so plz be a real indian.
    ok man tht's it..

  87. @Aditya smart guy!

    us = males! You could think of us as USA too!

    You got SRS mania dude! I never thought SRS got you frightened so much!

  88. hey you know who were red Indians and why they called so and they farmed the original us people

  89. Who would make their mother and sister drunk?

    That's crazy. I'm picturing someone tying his/her mother up to a chair and forcing her mouth open while he/she pours wine down her throat.

    It's impossible to "make" anyone drunk. They have to drink themselves.

    Best to have a glass of wine or a martini with your family during dinner if you want to drink with them.

    No need to tie them up and force them.

  90. Iwan, are you jealous that I might be sending a pic of my pink chaddis to Aditya?

    Don't hate. Appreciate.

  91. we would have appreciated if these pink chaddi campaign if they could have gone to slumps or to river to clean them up. Instead of wasting their money and time in this campaign they should do something good to bring Indian youth to healthy and spiritual state of mind. I request them don’t misguide Indian youth and girls by making them drunkards and perverts.

  92. @quizmaster

    You are being taken for a ride by the Tehelka woman. Tehelka is the same newspaper which used to bat for SIMI. This campaign of yours is not against SRS or Muthalik but against BJP and RSS which makes it overtly political. It is also being funded by Congress and the left, which is why you are enjoying front page attention for such a frivolous exercise

  93. @@@@@ MANGLA

    i don't knw how u r ?wat u think. y i will be jelious. i jst gave an advise to aditya to be a gentalman as every indian is.n he did so..
    now i hope u will also represant urself as a gental lady..
    so stop passing valgur comment here..
    every one is here against this pink condom compaion..
    so be polite n gental..ok

  94. No. Most people here are FOR the pink condom campaign, if the campaign reaches more people than just the pink chaddi wallas.

    I am for both.

    People need both chaddis and condoms to thrive into today's world.

    I am polite and gental but I have a sense of humor as well. I don't take myself or other people too seriously.

    That is the whole point behind the pink chaddi campaign. To LAUGH.

  95. well mangal me too against these both campion..these all campions are jst against to the indian tradition.these all galz n guyz r doing rubbish here.
    i already posted a comment at their blog too to stop these at all.
    well it could be laugh for dem..but not for us(indian).

  96. Iwan, they are Indian too.

  97. Good job boys...Keep up the great work..We all are supporting you..No more secular bullcrap...

  98. Indian government cannot even reign in Kasab, you think they will reign in Motherlick and these gaon-walla Sri Rama Sena gundas?

    They will first have to take permission from Pakistan!


    Women of India, get out as fast as you can before your country turns into Saudi Arabia and you won't even be able to ride scooter!

    At some point all the religious fanatics will bind together to create a Talibanized Bharat, from the Deobandi Mullahs to the Pandas of Varanasi. They will join forces in their fight against Indian women and you will either have to leave India or conform to their rules over your bodies and minds.


    By summer this economic crunch in USA will have been lifted and you can find jobs here.

    Plus, American men cook, clean and even massage your feet. Chinta mat karo, yaar. You will be in seventh heaven.

    Seriously, woman to woman, dil se dil tak, get out while you can!

  99. is condoms part of the hindu culture

  100. is beating women part of the hindu culture.
    cos thats what hindu leaders are doing, in that case i think hindu culture is the worst culture

  101. how come you people r using the internet for your propagation, dont forget the internet is something that has come from the west we should not embrace it, we should also stop using mobile phones as it is all western technology

  102. i really pity the wives of all the men who support this cause, im sure they will all turn into wifebeaters, since that is what they r advocating

  103. the real reason for the mangalore incident was because the SRS and their goons would never be allowed in a pub to begin with, so they decided to play spoilsport

  104. All those who cannot get a date for valentines day, please join this cause then you will not look like a looser

  105. I pity all those who support Panty Thrower Taliban Women

    1. They have perverted taste, used panties!

    2. They support drunk women, so that they become so senseless that they parade nude in broad daylight on streets.
    check this link to see how it will be

    3. These people, who talk about respect for women, but they like to see women naked likt the pics above! That why they support women go to pubs and get drunk! Because they can not afford a decent call girls as per their logic. shame!

  106. @Advice walli,

    Please ake those drunk women away from India. We dont need them. They will give birth to distorted child.

    Thanx for taking all drunk women away from India.

  107. Devi in the West is BestFebruary 11, 2009 at 10:31 PM

    We will happily take women who know how to relax and enjoy life and drink sensibly, a few drinks after work or a few tokes of ganja to ease stress.

    We also will take women have normal, active and healthy, safe sex practices like condom use.

    We also welcome women who are not ashamed of chaddis.

    Yes, we WELCOME all these Indian women into America.

    Indian women, we Americans have had our feminist revolution 40 years ago, you are just starting your's. Please come over, we have lots to talk about and techniques to teach you.

    You can also teach us the power of the chaddi.

    We burned bras, you throw chaddis. This is a match made in heaven.

    And oh by the way, if you marry or live with American man, you will not have to live with you Saas!!!! Isn't that great!

    No more Saas seva and stress.

    Freedom my dear bahu, FREEDOM!!!!!

    Please come, I have nice, tall, fair and dark American men who know how to cook and clean and please their woman in bed, just waiting for you.

    They love Indian women because you are intelligent AND sexy.

    Bring the Kama Sutra, you will be needing it!

    Career, home, family and a good man all await you in USA. And you will not get beat up for going to pub!


  108. Read this Link!

    Hope These Talibanised Women will get some sense! Though I doubt. Because a drunk person can not understand logic.


  109. Youth of India, my message is this.

    If you want to progress fast then please educate yourself as to what are healthy drinking and sexual habits. Pink Condom Campaign can work to have condom vending machines put into pubs. Pubs need to be legalized and regulated as per law and drinking age should come down to 20 years because otherwise our sons and daughters are just obtaining illegally and that is not safe.

    Law and order must be established in India so that mothers, daughters and sisters of legal age can go to pub or disco and not have to look over their shoulder in fear of Sri Rama Sena.

    I am mother of 44 years, with 3 children all in college. I have never gone to pub in my life but will do pub bharo on V-day only because NOBODY tells me what I can and can't do as a grown woman. I will probably order pepsi or juice, raise a toast to Indian Womanhood, pray for my daugthers and sons and the youth of India, and leave.

    I have also sent 4 chaddis to SRS, mine, my mother's, my saas', and my daughter's.

    Three generations of decent Indian women are in on this protest. We are Gandhians, my own grandfather was freedom fighter.

  110. @Concerned Mother

    Please have a look at the picture


    This is what happens when one gets drunk in a pub. You are 44 years old. Its sad that you have not understood the ill of drinking alcohol. Hope this picture will help understand ill of alcohol. Also please explain your children about alcohol, else you might find your children's picture like this one day.

    Also, I hope you should stop supporting Talibanisation of Women in India.

  111. I have taught my children everything before college age - how to drink responsibly, how to prevent AIDS and unwanted pregnancy, everything. My relationship with them is very open and honest. They go to discos maybe once in a month and NEVER come home drunk.

    We also drink at home on holidays like Deewali to to celebrate the birth of a child or a wedding. Never does anyone exceed limit of one or two drinks.

    I think what we are experiencing now in India is a divide between people who know what it is to drink socially in their friends and family circles and those who think by one drink you become alcoholic.

    I grew up in a house where my father kept wine. It is nothing new to me.

    He and my mother had half a glass at night to sleep well.

    Really, there is now a big divide in India between our people on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

    And as I am a mother to all of you, show some respect!

  112. @Concerned Mother

    There are few things people do in private only. And few things they wear in private parts. But when those private parts come out, or those private parts exposed intentionally, there is nothing to be respected. Respect is commanded, not demanded either.

    I am not exactly a college going kid, may be few years elder to you!

    I again request you, in order to oppose SRS, please do not create Taliban Women.

  113. Its evident that christian mafia is behind the chaddi campaign. So let them enjoy our condoms. Hope they will not ask for the used ones!!

  114. Avijit.

    That is all part of our Hindu Samskriti.

    I am proud to be Kameshwari, Hindu Woman, Love Goddess.

    I am yoga teacher and can do all those kama-asanas. This is the heritage we need to pass to our children for their sugaag raat and ananda in married life.

  115. They all are prostitute who are spoiling our indian culture and their family & parents are culprit.
    see the condition here in west they dont have any ethics or culture due to prostitution.




  116. Hello hindus

    will you be okay if I send Muthalik a pink condom so that he can fuck himself?

    A secular woman who is proud to be Indian

  117. @Ammu

    As a free indian you are free to do whatever you want to. You dont need anyones permission.
    Even if you decide to present yourself along with the condom to Muthalik I am sure no body will have any objection.

  118. An innovative and effective campaign against the sedo sickular media promoted "Pink chaddi gimmick". I am sure the media won't give any space to this campaign , never mind we will evolve our own media..

    Rajesh Pandit

  119. @ammu

    Brainwashed Mulli...First come out of your Burqah

  120. How can Kamasutra alone represent Indian culture? Do you even know the esoteric significance of the work? Do you know what is brahmacharya or who was Shankara?

  121. Few questions/information for Panty Throwing Women Talibans Like Nisha and Team.

    1. If throwing panties to men are symbolic, then beating women in pubs are symbolic that women should not parade naked in the street after getting drunk, as you might have seen the Patiala Drunk woman pics. If preventing women from getting drunk and preventing parading naked is Talibanism, what is respect of women ?

    2. Which part of India where males are mal-treated ? Meghalaya ( a matriarchal society). Sad that you dont know about India, you will never know too if you visit pubs and get drunk all the time.

    3. Broadminded and personal liberty does not allow you get drunk and throw your panties to men. If you throw panties, dont be stupid not to expect few slang and a good slap.

    4. Personal Liberty does not allow you to hurt other's religious sentiment which Taliban Nisha and her Taliban friends did by puttin RSS picture and putting PANTY on a OM pic. After doing these, if you expect garland of flowers, you are a fool!

    bottom line


  122. WHAT A FANTASTIC IDEA YAAR...!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. I too support this campaign.....Any Bangalore Pink Chaddi walas, plz share ur contact numbers or addresses I wanna send pink condom:)

  124. The pink chaddy campaign is a protest against SreeRamSena's dirty moral policing, isn't it? So those who get hurt by the campaing are essentially the ones who share the very idea of SRS' moral policing. Or do you guys think the campaign is aiming hindus of all sort? The fact is, it aims only a few hooligans who don't even know what individual rights mean.

  125. @PinkChaddhi Anonymous,

    Dude, get your facts right!

    1. That Indian Women Taliban Leader, Nisha Susan, put up RSS Image, pray, what RSS got to do with SRS ? and then that Taliban Women Leader gave interview against RSS.

    2. That Taliban Women Leader Nisha Susan also put up her Panty on Hindu Symbol OM, question is why on OM for all other images on the earth ? That is Biased against Hindusim as well as character of Talibanism which Nisha is Leader now.

  126. its sad that the only `culture` left in hinduism is woman beating. im sure lord ram would be proud of the things going on in his name. hic

  127. thanks to this blog i am ashamed to call myself a hindu. our riligion has beed dragged in the mud first by the shiv sena and then by the ram sene. our religion is all about hooliginism

  128. @Ashamed Anonymous,

    Man, dont call yourself Hindu. For Hindus like you only, we Hindus were ruled by Muslims for so many years! Now don't try to align with Christian Nisha and support Christian Taliban here.

  129. @Mangala,

    If you are a practising Hindu and a feminist, I am a practising Hindu and a masculist. If women can do it, men can do it too. Patriarchy is an invention of feminists. They want to take advantages of the so-called patriarchy and same time fuck it when it suits them. STOP this hypocrisy. Women want to say they are equal to men, superior to men and weaker then men as and when it is convenient to them. This is called gender equality. Hell! I hate feminism.

  130. Kunal Kishore,

    Bastard, first learn to respect men too. We all respect women and men both. You want to respect women but fuck men. Is this your culture? Don't you know how to respect men? Or, should we teach you to do that? Fuck U!

  131. CIA Sri Rama Sena Exposed on Video!!!!!!February 13, 2009 at 5:55 AM

    Motherlicker and his Sri Rama Sena have been exposed as corporate agents trained by the CIA as under cover operatives bent on subverting Indian culture.

    Now, because of them, otherwise proud and patriotic Hindus will be purchasing V-day cards from Hallmark and Archie's, chaddis from Victoria Secrets and spending crores at pubs on America beer!

    Wake up India!

    The is conspiracy to jumpstart the dead American economy!

    Sri Lund Sena now exposed on video for being agents of American CIA and Wall Street!


  132. Sri Lund Sena CIA and Wall Street Agents!February 13, 2009 at 7:42 AM

    Pink Chaddi Aurat says;

    “Join Us on February 14, Valentine’s Day, the day when Indian women’s virginity and honour will self-destruct unless they marry or tie a rakhi. Walk to the nearest pub and buy a drink. Raise a toast to the SRS.”

    That's right, "walk to the nearest pub and buy a drink"!!!!

    Motherlicking Sri Rama Sena CIA undercover Hallmark Card capatalists and corporate Wall Street conspirators have FORCED Indians to purchase American beer thereby increasing American economy during it's downtime when India could have beat them as superpower!

    Sri Rama Sena plans to implement "love marriage" system in India by marrying Indian girls to their chosen lovers on the spot, instead of to whom their parents choose for them.

    Sri Rama Sena are CIA agents paid by Hallmark and Archie's to subvert Indian youth and make them buy cards, beer and all other American things.

    Wake up India!

  133. March 1 2009 KAMASUTRA DIVASFebruary 13, 2009 at 9:59 AM

    Kama Sutra Day announced for March 1 2009


    Bharat Mata ki Jai(ho)!!

  134. Guys, you're on the news. I spread the news to some media friends. It reached DNA website. Check out the link below:


  135. I would have supported the Pink Chaddi campaign had it not been the prejudiced mindset of Nisha Susan, who has already decided that the SRS is a franchise of RSS! Sick! Perhaps, she doesn't know what the RSS is.
    If she wants to be loose, drunk as a skunk, its her life, her choice. But to drag in organization like RSS (just because it is a Hindu cultural organization), was despicable. Nisha Susan finds the "chaddis" of RSS to be a bunch fascists and need to be made fun of, just like any one in a salwar suit is called a behanji by the "modern" indian women.

    This is all getting too rdiiculous now.

    I would like to commend the patience and tolerance displayed by RSS in the whole event, inspite of knowing that they are the real targets in this (as mentioned by Susan)
    Ramesh J Menon

  136. I salute the people who have initiated this campaign.. They have got guts to openly display their addresses and Ph Nos: unlike you losers who r hiding behind bushes and using religion to sell your mindless campaign..

  137. @pc Boy Dba,

    Thank you for saluting us.

    I salute you back.

  138. I think the tag line of the pink campaign poster should read, "A pink condom(campaign), cause they are the only protection from virus like sickularism and loose values"

    Please edit and change the poster if you can.

    "A pink condom(campaign), cause they are the only protection from virus like sickularism and loose values"

  139. Well I am least concerned about what is going on these days in mangalore......donno but I support this pink condom campaign to distribute condoms not only to specified people but also to all the people celebrating days like valentines day, love day, kamasutra day or what ever 365 different day people want to celebrate and display there love to people of opposite sex.
    Why everyone is making hue and cry over all this campaign, Enjoy... its fun filled awareness job. We should not forget AIDS is becoming a big threat for india.
    I think NACO and other AIDS STD related NGO's should come forward and support this campaign.

  140. Great Going.... Pink condumn for pink chaddi!!!
    Those pub going prostitutes need them urgently!!...
    I wish the campaign can go nonstop... till the aids wipe out!..

    Great thinking Organisers!!!!

  141. Good job!! great campaign
    A lotta shit is happenening in Our country and ppl need to wake and respond instead of just being timid and forgetting things.
    I mean 26/11 occurred recentlya nd everyone already forgot about it!!
    WAke up ppl India is sinking in the shit on Secularism
    Wake up and remember 26/11 MUMBAI ATTACK





  144. Why there is no campaign for sanitary napkins ... By using these napkins, all girls can go and whisper in the pub and stay free and secure

  145. We Have Won! SRS Admits DEFEAT!!!February 14, 2009 at 9:44 AM

    Looks like the pink chaddi brigade and their cause stuck a chord in the hearts of thousands of couples worldwide AND caused the Sri Rama Sena to back down from it’s V-day plan;


    And this;

    “It has finally come down to show of numbers. The recent attacks in Mangalore and the longstanding harassment at the hands of moral police has led the lovebugs, and those who empathise with them, to come out and show their strength. Couples all over the country, regardless of their age, gender, or sexuality, have decided to come out and show everyone their unwillingness to get intimidated, caught off guard, and being ran over. They are picking up public spots of notice in every city or town and gathering there on the February the 14th sharing a synchronised symbolic kiss with their loved ones. There is going to be an online campaign run through various social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook, SMS and forwarded mails for the week upto the 14th. Couples in a city decide where they want to have their congregation and at a time set in advance lovers all over the country share the symbolic kiss, together.

    The mail is doing rounds and those familiar with social networking sites and other modes of communication are working on respective ends. Do your bit and help organise the biggest protest organised ever, with a kiss.

    Be loved.”

    Good work Pink Chaddi Campaign! You have shown what non-violent protest can do (thanks to the technology of the internet).

    Gandhi and Martin Luther King are smiling proudly from their graves and offering a hug and kiss to all of you at 12 noon tomorrow. Indian Standard Time!

    This is history!

    I’m crying tears of joy.

    We have done it!

  146. IBM the thirdgrade mediaFebruary 14, 2009 at 7:22 PM

    i did not see any hotel full with crowds it was as usual as it one everyday...effected..no more valentine idiot hahhahahha,except some so called christian nude party ;) .. which sponsered by anti-hindu channels like IBM and NDTV

  147. Hey that noob said about mahatma gandhi and Martin Luther King... we should do and follows these two ppl always..as they are right...
    Mahatma Gandhi - on Christian fundamentalists -
    "Britishers going from indian..good,but also take urs drunken,nude culture..if this religion will be here then the whole country will suffer like them"

    "It is my firm opinion that Europe does not represent the spirit of God or Christianity but the spirit of Satan. And Satan’s successes are the greatest when he appears with the name of God on his lips."

    "I consider western Christianity in its practical working a negation of Christ’s Christianity."

    Martin Luther King -
    Gandhiji, in turn, became a major influence in the political thinking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and many of the leaders of the "peace movement" in Western Civilization.

    Jr. Martin Luther King’s daughter Yolanda King. was to followers of a Ihindu saints

  148. Contd----
    Another landmark was created in the United States when the Hindu mantra Om was used to open sessions of both the Arizona Senate and the House of Representatives on Monday.Hindu chaplain, Rajan Zed, recited the groundbreaking prayer from ancient Sanskrit scriptures. Before reciting, Zed sprinkled water from the River Ganga around the Senate and the House


  149. Opposition prior to the Senate prayer in 2007:
    For several days before the prayer was given, the American Family Association (AFA) urged its members to object to the prayer because Chaplain Rajan Zed would be "seeking the invocation of a non-monotheistic god." They issued an Action Alert titled "Hindu to open Senate with prayer." It asked that their supporters phone the Senate switchboard and to:

    "Send an email to your senator now, expressing your disappointment in the Senate decision to invite a Hindu to open the session with prayer." 2

    In their Action Alert, the AFA described the opinion of David Barton, president of Wallbuilders -- a fundamentalist Christian group who promotes links between American history and Christianity. Barton questioned:

    "... why the U.S. government is seeking the invocation of a non-monotheistic god. Barton points out that since Hindus worship multiple gods, the prayer will be completely outside the American paradigm, flying in the face of the American motto 'One Nation Under God'."

    " 'In Hindu [sic], you have not one God, but many, many, many, many, many gods,' the Christian historian explains. 'And certainly that was never in the minds of those who did the Constitution, did the Declaration [of Independence] when they talked about Creator — that’s not one that fits here because we don’t know which creator we’re talking about within the Hindu religion." 3

    Barton seems to imply that Hinduism is a polytheistic religion. Actually, it is a henotheistic religion, like very early forms worship described in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). Hindus recognize a single deity. They view other gods and goddesses as facets, forms, manifestations, or aspects of that one supreme God.

    In addition, when Thomas Jefferson used the term "Nature's God" in the Declaration of Independence it referred to the God of the Deists. Jefferson's viewed God as the creator of the universe who set in motion "the Laws of Nature," withdrew, and hasn't been seen since. Deism was a common and perhaps the most popular religion among the founding fathers.

    The AFA quote of Barton's beliefs concludes with:

    “This [Hinduism] is not a religion that has produced great things in the world."

    Barton might not have been aware of the example of religious tolerance that Hinduism has historically displayed to the world. Then there is the contribution of Mahatma Ghandi, whose Path of Nonviolence inspired Martin Luther King, Jr. to fight racism and segregation, and formed the basis of Nelson Mandella's fight against Apartheit (pronounced apart hate) in South Africa. It is now helping SoulForce fight homophobia and transgender hatred in America. Indian academics also invented the number zero, established the first university, the first school of medicine, and the game of chess.

    Aware of the opposition by Evangelical Christians over his choice of a Hindu to deliver the morning prayer. Senate Majority Leader Reid said:

    "If people have any misunderstanding about Indians and Hindus, all they have to do is think of Gandhi who gave his life for peace. ... I think it speaks well of our country that someone representing the faith of about a billion people comes here and can speak in communication with our heavenly Father regarding peace."

    References used:
    The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

    Rob Boston, "Diversity On Capitol Hill: Hindu Leader To Offer Opening Prayer In Senate," Americans United, 2007-JUN-26, at: http://blog.au.org/
    "Hindu to open Senate with prayer," Action Alert, American Family Association, at: http://www.afa.net/
    "Buck" "American Family Association Spreading Hindu Hate," Posting to Pensito Review, 2007-JUL-11, at: http://www.pensitoreview.com/

  150. Me and most of the people like me are not against any political party, but are left aghast at the way some goons can go around beating people just because they think its against our culture. Now what makes them think they are here to save our culture? You rather stay back in the shadows of your dark minds, than splurge your ignorance and damage the great religion of Hindus. I woundnt be surprised if people from outside our country think all of Hindus are like these fringe groups. Dont we think most of Pakistanis/Afgans are like Taliban? Wouldnt they be thinking the same about us? This is how the Taliban must have started - as a saviour of culture. The worst part is where people start believing them and add fuel to the carnage and then repent it when it turns into something thats uncontrollable. Every Hindu must condemn these acts and save the religion and restore the previous glory it had, long before these saffron mobs started appearing.

    I think people like the RSS and the Vaanar Senas need to be weeded out before they turn into what we now know as Taliban in our Neighbourhood. All the people who register in any of these radical political parties, come under three categories:

    1) The ignorant who are brainwashed about how western culture is ruining Indian/Hindu culture. They have no idea of what is actually happening higher up, but blindly believe that they are doing some good to the country. They dont understand that are are actually DOING the country. They are like These people usually form the bottom rung in the organization and amount to more than 50%.
    2) Those who want to be with some political party so that whenever you get into some trouble, you can call your buddies to run riot and get you out of the trouble. Thats how most of the criminals who are roaming free do. They constitute about a quarter of the organization.
    3) The last are the most interesting and the most intelligent of the lot. The top-level cadre. Who know that what they are talking about has no meaning, but are into it for money/power. They are fully aware that the parties have no cause as it is, or that they do not mean anything good for the country and the society. These are the guys who do the brainwashing of the lower rung cadre. These are the ones who cash in on the ignorance of the lower rung.

    Theres just one way to get these organizations to fall. Expose the top rung - liberate the bottom rung. I'm just waiting to see Muthalick drowning in that sea of Pink. Also send him some of those pink Condoms, because might need them when he gets screwed! :)

  151. A normal Indian doesnt usually go against any of the fundamental parties, or protest against any of their acts. The Pink Chaddi campaign is a great way to show the goons what can happen if the civilized society decides to put things in order.

    This campaign is in no way derogatory, but a fitting reply to those who think they can control someone else' life just because they belong to the same religion as theirs.

    Even if there is anything that the PinkCondoms might find objectionable, it is definitely no where as bad as what the Senas or the Sanghs do. So all those people here can rest and find something better to do than run a campaign against a campaign which is against another senseless campaign. Get a life guys.

  152. you can also visit this site www.joshuaproject.net

  153. lol its getting funny.. now i change my mind,i support u peoples
    Pinkchaddi is old and out---now pink condoms

  154. good job.Teach lesson to Timesnow and Renuka.

  155. Now do you know why all this drama is going on ?
    Because very soon the gift will be given to all pink chaddiwal , where even a women in pub also file sexuall harrasement case against men and get the unlimited money. Do not think Nisha and her gnage are fool , they know how to remove the underwear of indian men and earn the money without any hard work and enjoy the lavish life style by do the extrotion of money through legal terrorism.
    for more read this :
    STOP Women Sexual Harassment!!

    STOP Women Sexual Harassment!!

    Biased Harassment law made ready to destroy the Work Place harmony.

    A proposed law to protect women from sexual harassment at the workplace may also punish women employees who are found by an office panel to have misused the legislation.

    Though it is a welcome move to recognise the possibility of misuse the law and the effect of the same as first time in Indian history, but the Government failed to understand that the harassment at Work Place is not a Gender Specific issue. The way Women claim had been harassed in work place, men also get harassed or forced to work in adverse condition at least more than 10 times than a women employee.

    The Work Place Harassment LAW should be gender Equal, if women do not harass the men, why they are so much afraid to accept the same?

    Their approach and oppositation itself confirms beyond reasonable dought that women harass others more than the men and that is the specific reason they want a whole sale free license to abuse the men in the form of LAW and save guard their own wrong doing in work place.

    Those so called women organizations are opposed this clause (Misuser will be punished) is clearly exposed that they want a LAW which can be misused easily and should be a easy tool to extort the money and promote the Legal Terrorism. They want whole sale free Licensee to Misuse the law and the misuser of the LAW should go Scot free, is not only unfortunate, but also established that their aim and objective is not to stop the harassment at Work Place, their aim to earn the money by making a law which can be sued as a whole sale free License to blackmail and extort the money.

    Further the Law maker expert for making duplication of law and promote the misuse of the law , just for example, if you go through the Crime Bure report, it is the existing "Molestation" LAW have the maximum Convection , which is more than 50% compared than any other IPC Law exists. Means the allegation on that cases are maximum is found true and less misused the same law, as in the law itself is not biased or in assumption based.

    More than that, it does not provide the whole sale free license to earn the money by making false and fabricated case. LAW should be to punish the criminals or if at all any fine to be inserted, the same should not go to the hand of the Complainant at any cost; it should go to the Government revenue only.

    Like in case of Traffic Violation rule, the fine clause is there, but it is not that the Traffic Police will get the money in his/her favor. Just for a moment think if the law is like that , whenever any Traffic Police Fine some one, the same money should go to the Traffic Police, you can understand what will be the situation form your common sense itself.

    Though "Save Family Foundation" already cautioned and proposed the Women and child Ministry earlier , to make the Work Place Harassment Law instead of gender Biased so called Women Sexual Harassment Law , which will only kill the Work Place harmony and More and more fight for earning the money by dishonest way , which in turn will reduce the Job opportunity of Women only in Long run and if at all any Law to be made first the same to be implemented in the Parliament first for 2 years , instead of directly making the Trail to the common citizen as in the Corporate world , we have already make the un-written rule more then 50% women employee, but Parliament failed to make it at least 33% of women MP/MLA.

    STOP Women Sexual Harassment!!

    Once again argue to LAW ministers and WCD Minister as well as to all well/honest Citizen of India to raise their Voice against such Biased LAW:

    · Replace the so called Women sexual Harassment Bill to gender Natural Work Place Harassment Bill. (If we assume women do not harass the men and the LAW is full proof, why all women organizations are afraid to accept the same).

    · No monetary compensations to the complainant directly form the accused; the Fine amount should go the Government Revenue only.

    · No, duplication of LAW or Clause.

    · LAW should be reviewed by the Retired Judges, instead of Practicing Lawyers.

    Final LAW should be first implemented to Parliament and Ministry office for 2 Years as a satisfactory Trail, and then only it should be applied to common people.

    Law Should be Crime based, not on the assumption based and the same to be used as to punish the Criminals, it should not be a Whole Sale Free License as Money earning tools for a Specific gender.

    At the end let it be Domestic Violence or Work Place Harassment Law , our so called women organizations should understand the Pain of a Mother or Sisters is not less , when they loss their innocent son or brothers than when a father or Brother loss his innocent daughter or sisters.

    "In short, the LAW needs to be replaced by some more benign, sensible, gender-neutral legislation that may ensure women their rightful, honorable place at home and abroad, at the same time not forgetting the rights of men."

    For further reference Read: · STOP Women Sexual Harassment!!

  156. salo..... secular ka matlab jaante ho be ? pehle apna logo theek kar. Sale copy and paste karta hai be ? Abe... **** kamse kam copy, paste to theek se kar. salo.. free me condom baantne ka campaign tujhe itne dino baad yaad aa raha hai, jab dekha teri koi maar raha hai. condom baantne wala campaign is ok... but in any way not related to your supported view. make a suitable logo to support your matter. Abe tere me kucch to creativity hogi na be...

    aur salo... tumlog samajhte ho ki PUB me nahi jane se hindutva jinda rahega... pehle apne ghar ke aas paas jhank kar dekh aur waha ka hindutva sahi kar... then automatically, u will come on right track...

  157. This is very sad that a shameless person like renuka Choudhari is our minister for women and child development.
    # She is asking us - Pub Bharao -- My parents taught me drinking is not a good habit and i don't think people go to pub to eat Masala Dosa or Bhelpuri
    # A women had to sell her new born baby to pay Bribe to doctor in Government Hospital and our Minister for women and child development responds --- “At least, she is safe and at least the child is not dead and not killed. I think they are the most important things that we need to look at,” --- How cool , we need such ministers --- and this incident happend in her own constituency
    # A Flash back --July 2007 , Renuka's advice to Indian Women --Don’t trust Your Men, trust Condom, and in the name of reduce the AIDS--------- I thougt the foundation of any successful family is mutual Trust and understanding between Members of family .. See how wrong i was .. nowadays family is build upon trust on condom
    # Word of Wisdom from her after Passing the domestic violence act --- It’s turn to suffer the Indian men, as women suffered for long. -----No wonder Renuka Chowdhary has filed a complaint against her daughter Poojita’s in-laws, accusing them of harassment for dowry..

    When it comes to protecting the right of women going to pubs and indulging in immoral acts in Public ( don't counter me please if you don't know what is happening in Bandra bandstand and many other parks in Mumbai , Delhi , Punjab etc ..... atleast these so called couple should think there may be senior citizens , kids and decent family who also want to use these parks and beaches to releax after a hard day's work ) she gets extra energy and all over the news .. she even told she may land up in bangalore on valentines day ..... Madam First go to your constituency where a baby was sold to pay bride to govt. doctor .................I sincerly hope this lady is defeated in next election

  158. This comment has been removed by the author.

  159. Women Sexual Harassment!!

    WOMEN alias MAHILAYE......

    Remove M from it , it will sound HILAYE....

    It means they want us to move them in forward and backward Direction.....So why should stop it and make them sad ......

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