Sri Ram Sene solemnizes an inter-caste marriage

While Sri Ram Sene crossed the limits and did a horrible job by beating up women in the pub, they are doing something that would fight the biggest evil of Hinduism – the caste system. In some of the Hindu families, parents feel it ‘dishonorable’ to marry off their daughters to men of so-called lower castes. But thanks to Sri Ram Sene, this has been possible. Kudos to them for doing it and we hope they help more intercaste marriages to take place and remove this curse of casteism from the Hindu society.

Following is the news report. Such news won’t be reported by the main secular media, so help spread the word.

Mangalore, Feb 16: A young man and woman from Udupi district got married under the supervision of Sri Rama Sena at Saravu Sri Mahaganapati temple, after the parents of both of them resented their decision and opposed the relationship.

21-year-old Shobith and Geetha of the same age, entered wedlock in a simple, traditional ceremony in the presence of Sri Rama Sena activists. Shobith belongs to scheduled caste, while the girl is from Vishwakarma community. Shobith is a resident of Paniyur and Geetha, from Mudarangadi in Udupi District.

"We love each other since the last two and half years", confessed the couple.

Shobith, a student from Udupi, is studying Bachelor of Computer Applications course, while Geetha works in a private firm.

"My parents are totally opposed to this marriage. When we approached my parents with the proposal, they registered a complaint against me in the police station. As a result, I was sent to remand home a few years back, “Geetha said.

Geetha lives in a hostel in Manipal, as she has been expelled from her home. Parents of both the lovers are strongly against this marriage, and Shobith's parents not only dissuaded him from marrying the girl, but also warned him to shelve his plan.

"We planned to marry on February 14 with the help of Sri Rama Sena, as per their call, but when we contacted them, their leaders were not available. So we decided to marry today," said Shobith.

"We had two options before us, either marrying each other or committing suicide, but Sri Rama Sena members gave us life," he added.

"Sri Rama Sena members have assured us of finding out suitable residence and jobs," said Geetha.

Sri Rama Sena members, who were present there, said that it was not a forcible marriage, and that the couple contacted them with a request to assist them to get married to each other.



    The sickulars can't do anything but send Pink Chaddi and feel proud about it. Sri Ram Sena is better than Pink Chaddi bastards.

  2. First we have a good human. Well done.

  3. Chappal thrown at Arundhati Roy auctioned for Rs 1 lakh

  4. " biggest evil of Hinduism – the caste system"

    Very wrong statement. It should be read as "one of the many evils of Indian society" as it plagues all religions in India, so it's not religion centric. Please correct.

    Please take a look at my blog

  5. How are Ram Sene different from hired goons in this case?

  6. I compliment Ram Sena on this inter-caste marriage. It was a love marriage. But it is not necessary to break caste barrier through marriage. Pyschological barriers can be broken without it also. I wish Ram Sene instead of attacking pubs, brought out a factual study of evils of pub culture (under age drinking, wastage of money, ill-effects of health, crimes, what kind of people are visiting pubs). Then people would have by themselves gone and shut down the pubs.

  7. Great information about a couple who fall in a love and got married with each other. I am very happy to this information according to me it's a real love.

  8. Great information about a couple who fall in a love and got married with each other. I am very happy to this information according to me it's a real love.

  9. Thank you for the great articles. You did a great job putting them together.


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