Muslim Criminal Law

While the sickulars barked everywhere over the wrong means (and we agree that it was wrong) adopted by Sri Ram Sene for opposing alcoholism and moral decadence, I wonder why are they silent over the means of protests adopted by Muslims in Ghaziabad over killing of two criminals.

Read this news report – Muslims indulge in arson over Police action.

Muslims beat up cops and burnt down police stations apart from causing widespread damage to public and private properties. Why? Because police has killed two Muslims, who were involved in dacoity and loot. Now police will have to ask the religion of a criminal before taking an action?

Muslims would now protect their criminals too. This had earlier happened in Jamia Nagar in Delhi area, where local Muslims had openly come out in support of terrorists killed in encounter. They had even attacked journalists who had gone their to report.

Whether police was wrong or whether the encounter was fake is not the question. We all know that police is high handed in our country, and they have done wrong things. But have people in other parts of the country behaved in this way?

Let me be blunt. If those killed were Hindus, and if the police was wrong, Hindus would have taken a legal route. They would have gone to courts, media, politicians, and human rights groups to solve a problem.

But what do Muslims do? They come out of their homes and indulge in arson and loot.

But sickulas would remain silent.

Perhaps soon, we will have a Muslim Criminal Law on lines of Muslim Personal Law, where police would be given separate guidelines to deal with Muslim criminals.

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